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Fire is transformation; it is the life-giving generative powers of the sun. Fire is emblematic of the masculine deity in many cultures and is the element of fervent intensity, aspiration, and personal power. Fire is the force that motivates and drives all living organisms. Fire, along with air, creates energy, gets us going, and produces stamina. It has been said what the mind can imagine (Air), the will (Fire) can create.

Fire Correspondences

The following items are all associated with the element of Fire. Use them collectively or separately to help create the proper magickal atmosphere for working with the element of Fire. For example; meditating on the Archangel Michael and then placing a red candle next to his picture will help one gain personal energy and power.


Red, red-orange (like flames), amber


Triangle, lightening, flame, salamander


Sword, dagger, fire pot, double-headed ax


Basil, dragon's blood, ginger, orange, tobacco


Ruby, garnet, diamond, bloodstone, flint, sunstone


Volcanoes, ovens, fireplaces, deserts,


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius




Summer, noon




Passion, anger, quick, active, energy, power

Fire is bright, brilliant, and flamboyant. Unfortunately, it is neither stable nor logical. Fire leaps intuitively to grasp the moment with little regard for what is around it. Fire is reckless, seeking, and passionate; it knows only itself. Fire is unique because in order for it to create, it must first consume or destroy. For example, a forest fire burns, consumes, and destroys the trees and underbrush. In time, however, new plants will grow. Fire is the active element within us. Fire pushes toward the new by getting rid of the old.

To use Fire correctly, you must first contain it. When you contain Fire, you can direct its energy toward a desired purpose, such as heat and light. You can also direct it with the personal forces it dominates, such as passion, anger, and aggression. When you control these emotions and channel their energy in a positive way, they bring about beneficial reconstruction. When these feelings go unchecked, they bring destruction and create chaos—just like Fire itself.

The Archangel Michael, the supreme commander of the Armies of Light, spiritually brings us Fire. This illuminating agent of Divine Light, whose name means Perfect of God, is the guardian of the southern quadrant. He is visualized as a Roman soldier, dressed in red and gold and ready to do battle against evil.

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