The Element of Earth

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The Earth is solid, passive in nature, and negative in polarity. The Earth symbolically represents both the womb and the grave; that which brings life forth and that which takes away or reclaims it. However, unlike Water, the Earth is stationary and does not actively create. The Earth is seen mystically as the final outcome. It provides the other three elements with a place to physically manifest a desire. Earth is our base of operation and where we exhibit the final product of our imagination.

Earth is related to the flesh and all physical matter. It holds, nourishes, and affirms. Earth sees, touches, smells, senses, and feels; it is both sensual and practical. It can be stubborn as well as generous, and has instincts rather than feelings for the cycles and seasons of time. Earth is slow and steady, ever-changing yet always the same.

Auriel is the Archangel for the element of Earth. He brings the awareness of the gods as manifested in the beauty of creation, so that as we behold the wonders of nature, we are driven to consider the even greater splendor of the forces that created it. This Archangel operates at levels beyond that

Earth Correspondences

The following items are all associated with the element of Earth. Use them collectively or separately to help create the proper magickal atmosphere for working with Earth. For example, wear a moss agate and some patchouli oil to become more responsible.


Square, cornucopia, spindle, scythe, salt


Shield, pentacle, flail, horn


Alfalfa, cotton, oats, patchouli, vetivert,



Moss agate, jasper, malachite, peridot,



Caves, forests, fields, gardens, canyons


Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo




Midnight, winter




Grounded, practical, organized, steady,


of physical sight and teaches a sense of cosmic Tightness. Auriel bears a glowing lantern in his left hand and a pair of scales in his right.

Wicca, like all magickal-religious systems, relies on nature and natural symbolism to create a connection between the conscious and unconsciousness minds. Without effort, the elements and their associated symbols elevate an individual's consciousness to a realm of higher understanding and awareness. Thus elemental symbolism helps to direct our energy toward a desired goal by using the elements' own natural magick.

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