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Air is the subtle material realm between the physical and spiritual planes. Air speaks to the intellect and brings forth the true essence of the individual through the creative imagina-\e element of air represents new beginnings, the thought process, and creativity.

Air has always been associated with breath, which is synonymous with the spirit or soul of all living creatures. The idea of air or breath giving life to the soul or spirit dates back to the time of matriarchal rule. After giving birth, mothers would gently breathe into their children's mouths, initiating the breathing process. In Greece, the female air soul was Pneuma, or the Muse, who always brought inspiration, giving poets and seers the power of understanding.

Breathing is fundamental to life. Breath enters our bodies at birth and leaves at death. Many have believed that the soul or spirit leaves the body at death on the person's breath. For this reason, in the past, mirrors were held close to the mouth of a dying person in hopes of capturing his or her soul in the mirror. This belief was echoed in folklore that viewed mirrors as soul traps and the realm of the dead as the Hall of Mirrors.

Spiritually, Air comes from the East on the wings of the Archangel Raphael, whose name means Healer of God. One of this magnificent creature's abilities is to heal the physical body as well as the spirit. Raphael is usually depicted with a bow and arrow and a crystal vial of healing balm.


Air Correspondences

The following items are all associated with the element of Air. Use them collectively or separately to help create the proper, magickal atmosphere for working with Air. For example; a blue candle, an amethyst, and lavender incense placed next to your computer will greatly enhance the thinking process.


Blue, silver, white, and gray


Circle, bird, bell, sylph, flute, chimes,



Wand, rod, staff


Almond, broom, clover, eyebright,

lavender, pine


Amethyst, sapphire, citrine, azurite


Sky, mountaintops, tree tops, bluffs,



Aquarius, Gemini, Libra


Spring, dawn






Thinking, reading, speaking, praying,


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