The Attar

The most important part of the Wiccan temple and circle is the altar, the point of focus where all obeisance is directed during ritual. The altar is sacred because it reflects the potential and power of the deity. In a sense, the altar is a repository for divine energy and an extension of the devotee's mind that allows for the acquisition of spiritual wisdom during worship. The altar serves to join the spiritual and material realms and as such is where human and deities meet.

The altar is usually placed within the center of the circle, making it the point of focus for all participants. The altar is covered with a cloth, on top of which are placed two candles (one to the right and one to the left) to represent the masculine and feminine powers of nature. The pentacle is placed in the center of the altar, with a candle on top of it. This candle is usually colored according to the seasonal rite. For example, there will be a green candle for Beltane and a black one for Samhain. Next to the pentacle are two small bowls, one filled with salt and one filled with water. The chalice is placed to the left of the pentacle and is usually filled with wine. The athame is then placed to the right of pentacle, along with the censer for burning incense.

On the floor, around the altar, a circle is inscribed to create a physical boundary for the magickal rite. At each of the four cardinal points, an appropriate colored candle is placed to represent the quadrant element. A blue candle is placed in the east, a red one in the south, a green one in the west and a yellow one in the north.

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