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I have been teaching the following spells for years. They are simple to perform and don't require impossible-to-find ingredients. In fact, most of the items used in the spells are readily available in your own home or can be purchased from any mail order house. For those who are so inclined, the recipes for some of the oils and incenses are included as footnotes.

Peaceful Home Spell

Items needed:

► Tranquility oil (equal amounts of ylang-ylang, rose, and lavender oils).

► Sandalwood incense.

This spell is especially useful for those who entertain on a business level. There are times when people of varying viewpoints may need to come together in a social atmosphere. To keep things running smoothly, harmoniously, and peacefully use this spell before the party.

One hour before the party take a ritual bath. As you are doing this, begin to visualize the guests as they arrive, seeing in your mind's eye the evening progressing and everyone having a wonderful time. When you finish bathing, anoint your solar plexus with the tranquility oil. This will help you project a positive and harmonious energy level throughout the evening.

Take the blue candle and place it in the room where most of the evening's activities will be held. Now light the incense and carry it throughout the house, saying, as you move from room to room:

Queen of heaven, star of the sea

Fill this house with love and harmony.

Silver goddess enthroned above

Let all gather here in peace and love.

Just before the guests arrive, enter the room where you have placed the blue candle and light it. Walk clockwise around that room four times, chanting just as you did in the other rooms. Place the incense next to the candle and wait for your guests.

Spell for Peace and Harmony

Items needed:

Light the pink candle and place it in front of the mirror. Hold the rose quartz in your hands and gaze at the flame reflected in the mirror as you chant the following:

O blessed and reflected light

Bring to me peace this night, Let my mind and heart be free

And filled with love and harmony.

Look past the flame into the mirror. Try to see which negative elements are affecting you that you want to get rid of. See them being drawn from you into the candle flame and then into the mirror. When you feel the time is right, place the mirror face down. Allow the candle to burn for one hour and then snuff it out. Clean the mirror in salt water and repeat whenever needed.

Money-Drawing Candle Spell

► One green candle and holder.

► A pen or sharp pointed object.

For best results begin this spell on the first night of the waxing moon. Gather the items called for and place them on a small table to serve as an altar. Relax and visualize the amount of money you need. Pick up the candle and inscribe your name near the top of it. In the middle, draw a large

Items needed:

dollar sign. At the bottom of the candle write out the exact amount of money you need.

Next, anoint the candle with the lavender oil. Be sure to rub the entire candle with the oil. As you anoint the candle, chant the following.

Money, money come to me

Place the candle in the holder and light it. Gaze into the flame of the candle and repeat the chant. Allow the candle to burn for four hours and then extinguish it. Repeat the spell each night until the full moon. On the night of the full moon allow the candle to burn out. You should receive your money before the next new moon.

/VIoney-JDrawing Talisman

Items needed:

► Small square of gold parchment paper.

On the night of the new moon, using the pen with green ink, inscribe the talisman pictured here on one side of the parchment paper. On the other side, write exactly what you wish to receive.

Place the gold candle on top of the talisman, light it, and chant the following over the candle:

Gods of prosperity I ask not in greed But rather for that which I now need.

Fast as the wind swift as the night

Let the money I seek now come into sight.

Allow the candle to burn for one hour. Repeat the spell each night until the candle has completely burned out. On the last night of the spell, after the candle burns out, take the talisman and place it in your purse or wallet. Carry the talisman with you for one full month. At the end of this time, bury the talisman beneath the largest oak tree you can find. Your wish will come true.

Love Attraction Spell

► One thin, green velvet ribbon.

The spell should be performed on a Friday night as close to the full moon as possible. Place all the items called for on a small table that will serve as an altar. Take time to visualize the one you wish to attract. If you have a photograph of the individual you wish to attract, place it on the table as well. Take the candle and inscribe your name on one side and the name of the person you wish to attract on the other side. Connect the two names with intertwining hearts, then anoint the candle with the rose oil as you chant the following seven times:

[Insert name] your thoughts are of me

No other face shall you see.

Items needed:

Set the candle on the dish. Fill the locket with some basil, rosemary, and thyme. Hold the locket close to your heart and say the chant seven more times. Then, placing the locket next to the candle, light it as you chant the following:

With herbs and flame I hold thee tight. I make thee mine from this night.

When the candle has completely burned out, hang the locket from the green ribbon and give it to the one you desire.

CZandle Love Spell

Items needed:

► Some of his or her handwriting.

On the night of the new moon, gather all of the items needed and place them on your altar. Pick up the image candle and hold it lovingly. Focus on the candle and visualize the one you desire. When you feel the time is ready, anoint the candle with the rose oil as you chant:

Candle of power

From this hour, Bring unto me

The love that I see That he/she shall requite My love from this night

Let him/her only see me

Allow the candle to burn completely out, fill the pouch with the rose petals, the photo, the handwriting, and the hair. Anoint the pouch with the rose oil as you repeat the chant. Whenever you plan to be with this person, be sure to have the pouch with you. Once the relationship is on solid ground, hang the pouch over the entrance to your bedroom for lasting love and happiness.

The Witch's Protection Bottle

Items needed:

One small jar, and enough of the following items to fill the jar:

Fill the jar with the items listed above and seal tightly. On the top of the lid, draw a pentacle with the red felt marker. Place the black candle on the lid of the jar and light it. Chant the following over the candle:

Candle of black; and hexes old

Release the powers that you hold. Reverse the flow of spells once cast Leave pain and sorrow in the past.

Let the candle burn out. Take the jar and bury in the earth close to your home. It will protect you and your family from harm. In most cases it will form a shield of protection for about six months. When the spell begins to weaken, make a new protection bottle.

Goddess Protection Spell

Items needed:

► Power oil (equal amounts of petitgrain, clove, and juniper oils).

► White parchment paper.

► Jasmine incense.

► Medium clear quartz crystal.

Add nine pinches of salt to the water, saying:

Salt and water now combine

Protect my heart, protect my mind. Dark evil forces nozv fade away

So that only good shall come my way.

Now sprinkle the mixture of salt water around the area in which you are working. Next, inscribe the protection symbol pictured here on the parchment.

At this point you will want to anoint the candle with the power oil and then place it on the tip of the parchment paper symbol. Light the jasmine incense. Pick up the crystal and pass it through the smoke of the incense as you say the following:

Goddess of the moon I call upon thee, For your love and blessings.

Great mistress of all magic protect me

Give me your power in this my hour of need.

Allow the candle to burn for one hour. Extinguish the candle and place the parchment, vial of oil, and the crystal into the pouch and carry it with you. When you feel negative energies coming at you, rub the oil on your solar plexus and hold the crystal in your power hand (the hand you write with). Repeat the spell once a month on the night of the dark moon for continued protection.

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Chapter 13


"It is certain that if you would have the whole secret of a people, you must enter into the intimacy of their religion —Edgar Quinet, French poet (1803-1875)

^Bjfei^A y now you should have a good understanding of what Wicca entails as a religious and magickal philosophy. You have probably done some additional reading, created your own sacred space, and are practicing the Craft on a regular basis. If so, you obviously feel comfortable with Wicca, and are at the point where you would like to meet others who share your convictions. The solitary way of life is fine for a while, but sooner or later we all get curious about what our peers are doing. This is especially true with Wicca, as it is very socially oriented. In fact, most of the Pagan rites that have been passed down and are celebrated today were structured for large groups of people.

Once you have decided to journey forth into the world of Paganism, you may find that meeting others of like mind is not as easy as you thought it was going to be. Generally, Wiccans don't hang out signs that read, "Witches live here." For the most part, Wiccans are fairly discreet, and so it can be tricky trying to sneak into their lairs. Moreover, once you finally get past the gatekeeper, you may not like what you see. Don't think for a second that just because someone calls him or herself a Wiccan he or she is an ascended master and knows more than God. Wiccans are just human beings — some are good, some are not so good, and some are better left alone. When it comes to any spiritual discipline it is best to approach with caution until you have all the facts.

Covens and groups that are willing to take on new members usually advertise in Wiccan periodicals, post notices in local bookshops, and are listed on the Internet. Even so, it usually takes time and a good deal of determination to ferret out a reliable teacher or group. The problem is not a lack of quantity, but rather a lack of quality. A lot of public Wiccans act more like hippies than Priests and Priestesses. They also tend to place more importance on the number of people they have in attendance than on the quality of the instruction they offer. This creates an undesirable climate in which to grow and progress spiritually.

However, there is hope. Armed with a few simple guidelines, anyone can procure proper magickal training. The key that will unlock the door of a well-organized group of spiritually minded people is the following common sense evaluator—something everyone should use when approaching a new religious or philosophical organization.

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