Spellcrafting and Natural Magick

"The most important ingredient of any spell is love " —Gillian Kemp, The Good Spell Book

^Ka^p. spell is a period of time during which a person or situation is held in a captive state for the benefit of the individual working his or her will and intent. Using special chants, magically charged objects, and specific actions, the quarry is lured into an easily manipulated state of consciousness. Once in a captive state, the person under the spell experiences events and thoughts he or she cannot account for and yet feels are from his or her own personal effort. In most cases spells result in direct and dynamic effects that usually achieve immediate results.

Contrary to popular sentiment, spellcasting is not some sort of demonic activity. It is simply a way to acquire those things most people need and want. Through creative visualization, in combination with certain symbols, the Witch creates a link between him or herself and the object of his or her desire. When the link has been established, it works just like a telephone line, connecting the Witch to his or her desire. Once connected, the Witch is able to manipulate those forces of nature that will ultimately bring his or her desire into manifestation.

Most Witches consider spells to be the simplest and most convenient way to express their magickal will. In essence, spells can be used for just about everything, from creating a passionate love affair to protecting one's property. However, before you cast that lifesaving spell, you should consider the ramifications of your actions. In the long run, will the spell provide what you really need, or is it just a quick fix that might make the problem worse? If there are other people involved, will they benefit as well? Is there some other way to get what you want? These are all questions you should ask before picking up the magick wand and blithely waving it about. Remember the old adage: Be careful what you wish for—you just may get it.

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