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How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells

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Pagan gods, 42 Pagan rites, 14

Palmistry, 162-16

Peace and harmony spell, 175

Peaceful home spell, 174

Pentacle, 80-81

Personal power talisman, 171-172

Principles of magick, 154-156

Principles of Wiccan belief, 21-29

Rite of Union, 96-99 Rituals, 92 Roberts, Mark, 17

Sabbats, defined, 115-117

Sacred circle, 84 casting the, 87

Sacred space, closing the, 89-90 creation of, 92

Sacred Symbol, 37-38

Salt and water, consecration of, 86-87

Samhain, 117-119

ceremony for, 119-122

Sanders, Alex, 16

Seasons of celebration, 115-152

Seasons of the God/dess, 54-55

Shamanic customs, 14

Sol, 47

Solitary Rite of Union, 100-101

Spell candle love, 178-179 for peaceful home, 174 for peace and harmony, 175

Goddess protection, 180-181 love attraction, 177-178 money-drawing candle,

175-175 money-drawing talisman, 176-177 witch's protection bottle, 179-180

Spell, defined, 165

Spellcasting, associations and correspondences, 170

Spellcrafting and natural magick, 165-181

Spells, casting, 166-169

Spiral of Abred, 34-35

Spiritual knowledge, 10

Spring Equinox, 130-134

Strega Wicca, 18-19

Summer Solstice, 138-142

Symbols, sacred Wiccan, 77-82

Talismans, 169-172 Tammuz, 47 Traditional Wicca, 18 Traditions of Wicca, 15 Transcendent Three, the, 35 Triple Goddess, the, 51-52

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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