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Lammas, 142-146 Law of Three, 33 Logical Order of the

Triad, 33 Love attraction spell,

177-178 Lugh, 46

Lughnasadh, 142-143 ceremony for, 144-146

Mabon, 146-148

ceremony for, 148-152

Magick, defined, 153 and Wicca, 153-163 four cornerstones of, 155-156 principles of, 154-156

Magickal process, 156-163 products, 191-193

Masonic ritual and Wicca, 14

Masons, 16

Mathers, MacGregor, 169

May Eve, 134-138

McFarland, Morgan, 17

Meaning of Witchcraft, The, 16

Midsummer, 138-139 ceremony for, 140-142

Money-drawing candle spell, 175-176

Money-drawing talisman, 176-177

Moon Goddess, the, 48-49

Morrigan, the, 54

Mother Goddess, the, 50-51

Myth of Esus and Tarvos, 58-60

Natural magick and spellcrafting, 165-181

Nemeton, the, 38-39

Nichols, Ross, 14

Organizations, 188-191 Osiris, 47

Ostara, 130

ceremony for, 130-134 Ovates/Ovydd, 33

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