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The invocation is usually in the form of a poetic verse or song that formally draws down the essence of the deity into the practitioner and sacred space. In most ritual settings, the practitioner faces the altar with arms raised as he or she speaks the invoking words. The idea is to merge human consciousness with that of the deity. When the connection is complete, the essence of the deity flows directly through the practitioner, permeates the area of ritual worship, and is used to enhance the ritual or magical rites being performed.

The Invocation of the Goddess

In a coven setting, the High Priestess usually invokes the Goddess near the beginning of the ritual. She will face the altar, take several relaxing breaths, and then, with great reverence, call upon the Goddess. (Note that Cerridwen is the Celtic mother goddess of grain, and that you may substitute the name of another goddess or god you are working with for this part of the invocation.)

Thou who whispers gentle yet strong

Thou for whom my soul doth long,

By most men you are seldom seen

Yet you ever reign, as virgin, mother, queen,

Through the veil you pass with pride

As I beckon thee now to be at my side,


Thou who knows, thou who conceals

Thou who gives birth, thou who feels,

For you are the goddess, and mother to all

Pray thee now, come as I call,

Now through the mist, I hear your voice

And invoke thee most gracious goddess by choice,


Thou who suffers as all men die

Doth with her victim in love lie,

For you are the goddess, and crone of despair

To our ending with you, we must share,

I feel thy passion, and fell thy presence

I desire to be one with thy vital essence,


I pray thee dancer of eternal bliss Bestow upon me thy wondrous kiss. Let now thy light, love, and power Descend, become one, with me this hour, For you are the creatress of heaven and earth To my soul and spirit you have given birth, Cerridwenl

The Invocation of the Cod

The invocation of the God is usually performed by the High Priest. He will face the altar, as did the High Priestess, and call upon the God.

Father of death, father of night Father of birth, father of light Cernunnos, Cernunnos, Cernunnos

Come by Flame, Come by fire Come now, whom we desire Cernunnos, Cernunnos, Cernunnos

O Horned one, O ancient one

God of the sun, Bringer of light

The powers of Darkness put to flight.

O Horned one, O ancient one

Who comes from beyond the gates of death and birth

Come who gives life to all on earth

Come, I Invoke Thee For you are Pan, Apollo, Cernunnos Lord of Hades, Lord of death You are them all, yet you are he.

Come, come my Lord, I beckon thee. Come, come my lord, of wild delights Come, join with us in these secret-mystic rites. Come, come my lord, of fire and flame As I call out your sacred and holy name Cernunnos, Cernunnos, Cernunnos.

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