The amulet is an object that has been left in its virgin state and is then psychically charged or energized with a specific purpose in mind. Amulets are usually used for protection, as they are passive in their communicative abilities. Only when their barriers have been crossed do they react or retaliate. A good example would be the horseshoe over the door which brings luck to all who cross beneath it; another example is the Udjat Eye, an Egyptian amulet that is supposed to bestow invulnerability and eternal fertility.

Udjat Eye

Udjat Eye

Almost any symbolic object can be turned into an amulet. Special stones, shells with markings, wood carvings, and statues — anything that already exists or is in a natural state can be turned into an amulet simply by forcing your will and dynamic energy into it. Because of its passive nature, and the fact that most of the amulet's power resides in its intrinsic symbolism, a simple blessing or prayer is usually enough to sufficiently charge it.

For example, that lucky horseshoe your grandfather gave you, along with a simple blessing, can be turned into a good luck amulet for all who pass beneath it. Hold the horseshoe in your right hand, and with great emotion, chant the following over it:

Iron and speed

From faithful steed Grant to all what they need.

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