The Reiki Healing Association Membership Review

The Reiki Healing Association refers to a group of individuals who advocates for healing by natural means. It becomes prudent to comprehend what the healing is all about before membership thing comes to mind. The word Reiki originates from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki. The former means God’s high power while the latter means healing. Put together, the two terms mean a spiritual forming of life-giving energy. Every human being possesses this energy and flows throughout the body. The high level of this energy translates to happiness and good health. On the contrary, lower levels of the energy render one sick and stressed. The healing was discovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese born Buddhist monk in 1800s. It is this belief in natural healing that Reiki Association promotes. According to the beliefs of members, the genesis of healing is nature itself and not the physician attempting to treat individuals.

A Deeper Insight To Reiki Healing Association

Through the natural healing ideology, they use the natural life force to heal the sick. They pass it on to the sick one and heal them in the process. This is a worldwide association with branches in various nations such as the United Kingdom and the United States. It has thousands of followers, all of them giving testimonials and positive reviews regarding the manner in which Reiki Healing Association has transformed their lives, relieving them from stress and health problems.

Is Reiki Healing Association a religion or a denomination? Well, it may appear as one based on the images and graphics in their related programs. Well, the reality is, Reiki Healing Association is neither a religion nor a denomination. In fact, the association does not advocate for any religious agenda. Furthermore, it neither a cult nor any kind of radical groups. It only seeks to promote the natural mechanism of healing with a view of ensuring individuals live better and healthier lives.

Why is it Important that you join the Reiki Healing Association?

The following are some of the benefits for members of the association.

  • While a member, you will be in a position to enhance your Reiki practice for life. You will be able to add your own Reiki practice minutiae to the association’s Reiki Practitioner Directorate, apart from kick-starting your own promotion. As clients seek a Reiki expert, you will get an opportunity to build your authority and credibility.
  • You will also be able to promote your Live Reiki Workshop Events for Life. Reiki Healing Association members have opportunities of adding their own Reiki live events such as workshops or Reiki Shares to the prospective Reiki clients or students in need of a Reiki workshop or Reiki shares. Moreover, your Reiki live events will always be up-to-the-minute. Even if you forget all the events after listing, the system will be able to do all the listings account maintenance on your behalf through the autopilot.
  • When you join the association, you will be able to add authority with the Reiki Healing Association Logo instantly.
  • On joining, one also gets an instant access to Branded Reiki Healing Association (RHA) Reiki Training Manuals. The manuals can be used in the personal Reiki workshops. They can also be issued electrically in form of pdf to your clients provided you don’t edit or alter the original documents.
  • You will get a Reiki Healing Membership Certificate. Well, it may seem not that important on face value but the reality is it is very essential when it comes to your credibility on Reiki Training School. In so doing, your clients will have more confidence and trust in you.
  • What is more, you will be availed with a Discounted Reiki Practitioner Insurance Rates. This special discount will help you save money on annual basis. Does it mean Reiki can cause an accident? Absolutely no. So then, why the insurance? Because it is a legal requirement for any individual offering Reiki on professionally basis to have professional indemnity along with Public Liability Insurance that covers you and your Reiki Practice.
  • Important still, you will get Reiki Marketing Tips Newsletter free of charge. This will help you build a busy and successful Reiki school and help in spreading Reiki to all parts of the world.
  • Free Marketing Training is another benefit you will gain by joining the Association. This will help you get Training Webinars and videos monthly business along with marketing training that will help you attract a lot of customers and clients.
  • You will also get a Network with Fellow RHA Members.
  • You will also get an endless support via email and other social media platforms.
  • Finally, subscribing to the association will guarantee you a lifetime membership for one-time investment at a cheap cost of $ 97 USD.

The Reiki Healing Association is completely digital and risks free. Your subscription deposit is safeguarded by a 60-day money back guarantee. It frees individuals from risks that come with prescriptions. Why not join today? Just like the thousands worldwide, you will lead a healthy and stress-free life.

The Reiki Healing Association Membership
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