The Red Wine Diet

The Red Wine Diet

This diet is the single best way to lose weight if you'd rather not spend every spare minute on the treadmill and eating carrots and broth. You can lose the same amount of weight or MORE just by following the easy instructions in this ebook from Art Mcdermott, Certified Nutritionist and Strength Coach. Believe it or not, red wine is not a guilt pleasure. It is a very good and helpful part of your diet. The antioxidants in red wine alone can help you a lot in your quest to stay healthy! You don't have to just eat kale and carrots to lose weight Why not have a little something that tastes good as well? You will learn a lot in this ebook, including why alcohol is not your enemy in weight loss, the real health benefits of red wine that no one talks about, and addictive foods to avoid. Don't just avoid foods Get some red wine too! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

It is pricier than all the other ebooks out there, but it is produced by a true expert and includes a bundle of useful tools.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Invocation to the Horned

Prepare your place of working with a large floor triangle again and with the usual arrangements of lamps, incense, and pinecones on the altar, making quite sure that the thurible contains a good quantity of glowing charcoals. The chalice should be back again in the triangle, this time containing a few drops of olive oil, red wine, honey, and your own blood or urine.

Spell To Repel Spite Gossip Or Psychic Attack

Traditionally, witch bottles filled with rusty nails, sour red wine (or even urine) and sprigs of rosemary were buried under the doorstep of a house as an age-old method of keeping away spite. * Take a dark bottle with a cork and into it pour sour milk, old red wine and some dried rosemary, saying

Balance with Noise

Throw back some red wine (alcohol free will do if you must) anoint the doll with Dionysus oil. Call his spirit into your body. Drop the doll to the ground and punt it as far as you can. Run to it as fast as you can and punt it again. Do this over and over, again and again until you can run no more without a break and then fall to the ground, recover the doll, and rip it to pieces.

The Love Knot Spell

Prepare your place of working as already indicated with pine-cones, ivy, evergreens, and horns. In your thurible, burn one of the Cernunnos incenses suggested at the end of this half of the chapter in the chalice pour a few drops of red wine. On the floor, with the point of your Athame, trace around the edges of a large equilateral triangle, big enough to contain yourself and the altar and allow you plenty of room for movement. This should be marked out with white tape beforehand.

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