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This eBook is designed to show you that everyone was born with amazing powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, mind-control, and other supernatural abilities. However, you will find that these powers are far from supernatural These can be used by anyone, and this series of eBooks can show you how to access those powers. You will be able to reach a plane of reality that almost no one has access to, and be able to think on a different plane than anyone you know. Anyone can get these powers. All it takes is someone that is willing to learn them. Even if you've never heard that these are real, you can get the ability to use any of them if you put your mind to it. All it takes is knowledge, and you can find everything you need in this book series. Mental powers beyond what most people have ever thought of are in your hands! More here...

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Psychic Shielding

Sometimes we pick up energy from other people, without knowing we are doing so. Their moods or emotions may bleed over onto us, leaving us feeling angry, sad, tired, depressed, or whatever they are feeling -and not knowing where this emotion came from. Also, sometimes people will deliberately send negative energy to us -even though that is a very bad thing which one should never do. Such negative energies cannot harm you, as long as you don't let them in -but in daily life this is an unconscious process. To one skilled in magic and psychism however, this process under ones direct conscious control. With psychic shielding we set the boundaries which keep out unwanted energy from others, but simultaneously strengthen our own Aura, or energy, keeping it healthy.

Spell Of The Month

Protection from harm, outside influences, psychic attack. ANISE -Psychic opening, clairvoyance, opens Third Eye. Favored in Afro-diasporic Traditions for use before and during ritual, to aid in perception of and connection to the Divine. BIRCH -Spiritual and psychic opening, connecting with spirit helpers. Promotes balance, harmony, connection to others. CLOVES -Courage, self-confidence, very strong protection. Dispels negativity, strengthens psychic shielding. Can act as an aphrodisiac. LINDEN -Draws friendship and love. Also promotes healing and rejuvenation. LOTUS -Psychic opening and spiritual growth. MAGNOLIA -Promotes psychic development. Aids meditation and spiritual opening. Promotes harmony, peace, tranquillity. MARIGOLD -Promotes healing, psychic opening, and clairvoyance. Helps one to focus on what is truly needed, even if one is not conscious of what that is. MIMOSA -Aids psychic development, clairvoyance. Draws prophetic dreams. MUGWORT...

God Of The Month The Hero

Symbolism is the use of an easily recognized creature or object to represent a more abstract or elevated concept. Thus a serpent may be used to represent psychic power and connection to the Divine. A feather may represent truth, purity, or the element of Air. Or the Chalice may be used to represent the womb of creation, and the Goddess' all-pervading, all-sustaining Spirit.

The Magickal History of Hemp

Also known by the folk names gallowgrass, ganja, and neckweed, the hemp is an intoxicating plant with a long magickal history. Being a common ingredient in many love spells from centuries gone by, it was also added to love potions to inspire the affections of others. Additionally, it was believed to facilitate the psychic powers, and for this reason it was often dried and burned by diviners as incense (along with mugwort) prior to, and during, the scrying of magick mirrors.

Setting Up Your Altar

Each night, or whenever you have time, you can explore your inner psychic powers at your altar. For example, you can gaze into a candle or scry into a bowl of water on the surface of which you have dripped coloured inks. Try holding the different crystals that you place on your altar and allow impressions to pass through your fingertips, manifest as images, sounds or feelings. This psychic art is called psychometry and is one that will emerge spontaneously.

Witchcraft In The News

Wjsn Secret

The article delves into the serio-comic aspects of modern young witchcraft, that it is a form of guerrilla theatre, a continuance of the neolithic religion that worshipped the earth goddess before Christianity. It mentions the underground California Druids. The author points out that the I Ching, tarot cards, astrology, Meher Baba, Zen Buddhism, auras, psychism, parapsychology, psychokinesis, are all part of this new resurgence in the neo-sacred culminating in witchcraft and magic. He pointed out that those involved had some of the highest scholastic marks and were intellectual aristocrats. He

The Tools Of Witchcraft

You might not have enough psychic energy to influence other people in a subtle way, but you certainly have enough energy to influence yourself. Witchcraft is a way of disciplining your subconscious, so you can achieve success. Apart from the objects and chants, it is basically an exercise of the mind. Can anyone teach himself to do it Being a witch is a genetic thing, but anyone can work at the arts and powers of witchcraft for their own personal gain. There is a psychic energy that not everybody shares. Everyone is NOT born equal, and not everybody develops this. You can learn the trade, the tools of witchcraft, just as you can learn how to paint that won't immediately make you a great painter. It can be fun to belong to a choral group like the Sweet Adelines, but that doesn't make you a great operatic singer.

Witchcraft What Its Really Like

Most people have experienced the power of psychic vibration, although many don't realize what it is. It's that feeling of instant recognition that flows between two people, like electricity. Sometimes it's mistaken for love at first sight, many times as a strong sexual attraction. In actuality, it's the psychic force emanating from the individual, not the individual himself, which causes the attraction. Two people may be operating on the same wave length, the same level of psychic energy when that happens, they zing into each other like 'two strangers in a foreign land, drawn to each other by a common bond of nationality. It's not necessarily love, or even sex. It's psychic attraction and should be recognized as such. The same sort of psychic exchange happens when I cast a horoscope. During the time I work on an individual chart, I feel drawn to the subject, almost as though I were in love with him. I know it isn't love, but simply a concentration of psychic energy at work. But the...

Days of Power The See Sabbat

Divination The magical art of discovering the unknown by interpreting random patterns or symbols. Tools such as clouds, tarot cards, flames, or smoke are used. Divination contacts the Psychic Mind by tricking or drowsing the Consciousness Mind through Ritual, and by observing or manipulating tools. Divination isn't necessary for those who can easily attain communication with the psychic mind, although they may practice it. Psychic Mind The subconscious, or unconscious mind, in which we receive psychic impres-sions. The psychic mind is at work when we sleep, dream, and meditate. It is our direct link with the Divine, and with the larger, nonphysical world around us. Other related terms Divination is a ritual process which utilizes the Conscious Mind to contact the psychic mind. Intuition is a term used to describe psychic information that unexpectedly reaches the conscious mind. Psychism The act of being consciously psychic, in which the Psychic Mind and Conscious Mind are linked and...

Crystals and stones Crystals

Amethyst crystals can help promote your psychic power and astral projection. I like to place a big chunk of amethyst under my pillow to help promote my psychic dreaming. Amethyst crystals can also help you go into meditative states and trances. Red Sexual energy and lust Pink Love and self-enchantment Blue Healing, mind power Orange creative energy and power Purple Psychic power and astral projection Black Banishment and scrying for pictures

Chapter Healing by Root Flower

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), also known as lion's tooth, puffball, blowball, and white endive, grows wild in the United States. It is best known for its role as a stimulant and a tonic. Its leaves are used as greens in salads, and its roasted roots (ground-up and prepared in the same way as coffee) have a stimulating effect on the body. Served hot or cold, dandelion tea has a remarkable taste. Some of its properties include the calling of spirits, developing psychic abilities, and foreseeing the future. prepare in the same manner as explained in making mullein tea. I have always liked all of the mint teas, but prefer peppermint best of all. Its properties include purification spells, healing spells, and happiness spells. If leaves are rubbed upon household items and corners of home walls, protection from evil forces is achieved, which has been an old belief concerning the power of the peppermint leaf Many sources say it can be a direct aid in astral travel. Perhaps combining it...

Oils and Incenses in Magick

Eucalyptus This is an oil of purification of mind, body and soul, driving out negativity and anger, as well as repelling deliberate psychological and psychic attack. Eucalyptus will provide the impetus for action and decisions, especially when people and projects have reached an impasse. The oil also offers clear focus and increased concentration. Lime Lime brings health and well-being to self and to family and home. It generates enthusiasm and triggers self-healing and regeneration in body and mind. It is protective against psychological and psychic attack and has natural restorative powers.

Spring Equinox Cleaning Ritual

Use this ritual to welcome the winds of positive change. You can perform it on any of the three days of the rising equinox energies that precede the equinox. Alternatively, it can be adapted for cleansing away negativity and sorrows at any time. I give an alternative version in my book Psychic Protection Lifts the Spirit.

Lesson Xii Stones And Crystal Stones And Crystals

Moreover people's natural psychic ability helped them to determine how to use stones, by picking up on the qualities of the stone's AURA. Everything which exists has an energy field, or Aura. The aura is as distinctive in its features as the physical form, each thing which exists having characteristic strengths and weaknesses as well as its own individual variations. These energy fields are not abstract, and they do not exist in a vacuum auras affect each other when they come into contact, especially when conscious focus is applied. In this way the individual characteristics of a stones aura will affect your own aura when brought into contact with it, thus influencing you in various ways. The stone can be used to focus energy for a particular purpose, rather as a colored gel is used to change the qualities of theatrical stage lights as visualizing a beam of light passing through an Amethyst to stimulate psychic opening, or passing through a Flourite for healing.

Charging Your Crystals With Positive Power

Go as early in the morning as possible and place the crystals on a flat surface, either on one of the stones or close to the water. Sit near to the source of power, touching it with your two hands so that you create a circuit of energy parallel to that being absorbed by the crystals and so empower your own auric field (the area of psychic energy that exists around our bodies). When under stress, touch your chosen crystal for strength and protection. Keep it on your desk at work, place it between you and an adversary or next to your bed if you are troubled by bad dreams or fear psychic attack or malevolence at night. People living in areas with high rates of robbery and violence may wish to put a power crystal, such as turquoise, red jasper or carnelian, as a protective buffer near external doors and windows. In less extreme circumstances, charged rose quartz and amethyst are excellent for sleep and relaxation problems, for charging simply accentuates the innate calm energies of the...

The Effects of Shamanic Healing

The person who undergoes a shamanic or any other type of energy healing may find that little in her life changes, and she may find just the opposite. For most people a healing of this sort can open up blocked emotional and spiritual channels, leaving them better able to work with energy and better able to use their psychic skills. For some, mucking about in the energy field can reopen old wounds or force the patient to confront baggage long forgotten (or deliberately shoved aside). Generally, however, if such healing is a regular practice those issues will be gently cleansed away over time.

Cleansing Crystals And Gemstones

You can also cleanse crystals by leaving them in a rainstorm or burying them in a pot of lavender, sage, Chamomile, rosemary or other herb of love and harmony. Leave them for 24 hours and, if necessary, wash off any remaining soil with running water. The result will be a new vibrancy, especially in the case of rutilated quartz, jade and moss agate (the last two are called the gardener's crystals). For more methods of cleansing, empowering and crystal protection, see my book Psychic Protection Lifts the Spirit.

Empowering Your Altar

Some practitioners keep a book, for example a book of poetry, a copy of the psalms, the works of Shakespeare or the I Ching. Whenever you lack inspiration, close your eyes and open your book - the page will be chosen apparently at random but in fact your deep unconscious mind has chosen the most appropriate answer by a process akin to psychokinesis.

Samhain The Festival Of Wisdom

On a personal level, rituals are potent for family concerns, especially those about older members of the family or any who are sick or need constant care for psychic protection, overcoming fears, for laying old ghosts, psychological as well as psychic, and for marking the natural transition between one stage of life and the next, for remembering the family dead and linking the young to the traditions of the past also for increasing divinatory skills.

Creating A Healing Sanctuary

Depression, and agates for balancing energies. Later in this section I have listed some healing crystals I use under their different colours, as these are related to healing properties. You can also refer to the list of crystals in the previous chapter on psychic protection.

Correllian Robes

In times past people sometimes felt that clothing restricted the flow of psychic energy. It was believed that anything tied around the body, or anything intricately constructed -such as stitching-slowed down or stopped the flow of energy. (You can see a vestige of this belief in the Christian Amish, who still believe buttons, zippers, and -heaven forbid - velcro, are harmful -though the Amish have forgotten the original reasons for the belief.) Perhaps at an earlier point in human development this may have been true, but few people believe it today. The Gardnerian author Doreen Valiente has pointed out that if psychic energy can't be stopped by walls, a thin layer of clothing should be no impediment to it Doreen Valiente, ABC of Witchcraft, .

Sky Clad Ritual

Another ancient, but somewhat misunderstood form of ritual garb is going skyclad -that is to say naked. This practice arises from the idea that psychic energy is restricted or inhibited by clothing, especially tight or binding clothing. As we have said, most people no longer believe this, but it was once taken very seriously.

Good Habits

You can also use an essential oil. If you use oil, apply it to your forehead and the palms of your hands, as well as anywhere else you would like. The first exercises you will learn are two of the most important basic practices you should know. These are PSYCHIC SHIELDING and GROUNDING AND RELEASING. These two techniques are the cornerstone of good magical practice, and their importance cannot be stressed too much. In future lessons many other exercises will follow, but none are more important than these first two.


Hathor can be invoked for all forms of mirror magic and is also associated with gold and turquoise and so jewellery made of these can be a focus for her powers. In the modern world she is guardian of businesswomen. Fiercely protective in defence of her own, she is especially potent against physical and psychic attack.

The Cabot Tradition

Cabot teaches that each individual is responsible for all his or her thoughts and actions. The WICCAN REDE, An' it harm no living thing, do what you will, is extended to defending oneself against evil energy or psychic attack. While other traditions hold that it is acceptable to boomerang psychic attack back to the sender, the Cabot Tradition considers this a violation of the Rede. Instead, practitioners are taught to erect a psychic neutralizing shield, which enables them to either transform the energy so that it can be used in a positive fashion or distintegrate it so that it harms no one, including the sender. The Cabot Tradition includes practitioners of all other traditions therefore, rituals are eclectic. Practitioners wear black, which the tradition considers to be the traditional witch's color. Cabot notes that black absorbs light while white reflects it this absorption of light facilitates psychic power. To further augment power, practitioners wear gold jewelry for psychic...

The Power Within

There are many people who seem, very obviously, to have some sort of psychic power (for want of a better term). They are the sort who know that the telephone is going to ring before it actually does, and who is on the other end of the line before they pick up the receiver. People like Uri Geller are able to demonstrate this power in more dramatic ways, by bending keys and teaspoons without physical contact. Others have visions or seem to be able to make things happen. Often these people have a peculiar affinity with animals.


Witchcraft Magazine

In contemporary Witchcraft and Paganism, initiation marks entry into a closed and traditionally secret society opens the door to the learning of ritual secrets, MAGIC and the development and use of psychic powers marks a spiritual transformation, in which the initiate begins a journey into Self and toward the Divine Force and marks the beginning of a new religious faith. While traditional initiation rites exist, Witches and Pagans feel the spiritual threshold may be crossed in many alternate ways. Initiation may be experienced in a group or alone. It may be formal or informal. It may be performed with an old ritual or a new one it may come as a spontaneous spiritual awakening, in meditation or in dreams. It may occur at a festival.

Intent oils

Carry in pocket on a cloth swab for the time that you need a little extra energy in your stride. Astrologically based oils are better for psychic energy. Used to anoint self for strength against psychic attacks and to anoint objects to charge them as talismans of protection. I received this recipe from a friend who routinely anointed his flack jacket with this mixture when he was a Marine. As the result of a car bomb, his left arm was torn all but loose from his body. Even with almost full use of the limb after it was re-attached, the Marines would not let him re-enlist, so he joined the Army, where we met. He still swore by the oil because he survived. After telling this story to a friend who is a police officer, she let me place a few drops on the soft armor of her bulletproof vest. A month later, she was shot with a rifle cartridge. Even though she was not wearing the hard plate inserts that are designed to stop rifle rounds, the bullet did not penetrate her chest. Yes, she did...

The Psychic Tide

The Yearly cycle does not effect us as strongly as the monthly Lunar Cycle, but it can have a noticeable effect. Particularly important are the changeover points, La Bealteinne (May 1) and Samhain (Nov. 1). At these two dates the Psychic Tide is said to be at its' yearly height, and the Veil between the worlds at its' thinnest. At these two Sabbats Psychic powers are keenest, magic is most effective, and supernatural phenomena most frequent. But you will learn more about the Sabbats under the section entitled WHEEL OF THE YEAR later in this lesson.

Correllian Wicca

The Third Eye -Located in the forehead the Third Eye has to do with ones ability to receive information psychically, and to access and use the psychic powers of the Higher Self. The Third Eye has to do with our ability to understand spiritual matters, and to interact on a spiritual level.

Gerald Gardner

The religion portrayed in Witdicraft Today was called 'Wica from the standard Anglo-Saxon term for a male witch (the name was amended after Gardner's death to the more accurate Old English form of 'Wicca', although the pronunciation remained with a hard c whereas the Anglo-Saxon was a ch'). Its rites were alleged to consist mainly of dances intended to promote fertility, and of feasting upon consecrated food and drink. The performers were naked, in the belief that this more easily released magical power from the body. They venerated a god and goddess, whose names were secret, the former predominant in winter and the latter in summer. They worked within a circle, formed with a consecrated sword or knife and carefully purified, to contain the energy which they raised. They held the north to be the most sacred of the four cardinal points, believed in reincarnation, and trained to develop latent psychic powers. The religion was organized in covens, led by a high priestess supported by a...

Personal Power

This is true of objects, such as gem stones, different kinds of wood, shell, or metal. Each of these things, though existing a denser state of matter than our own, has its' own energies which can effect our energy. For example Jade interacts with our energy to promote calmness and tranquility, while Amber has an energy that aids mental clarity and concentration. Rock Crystal (Quartz) will amplify ones' psychic energy, while the metal will tend to ground it. Specific places also have particular energies. Some locations are known to have especially powerful energy which acts as a battery to anyone who goes there. Such places are called VORTICES and are the energy centers, or Chakras of the Earth. Some of these Vortices have special qualities, such as healing, or psychic opening. If you visit such a Vortex and work with its' natural energy, you will be able to accomplish much more of whatever its' special qualitydictates, than you might normally be able to do. For example at a healing...


Saturday, the day of Saturn, is potent for spells concerned with unfinished business, and with endings that lead to beginnings. It is therefore a good day for all slow-moving matters and for accepting limitations, as well as for overcoming obstacles that are long-standing or need careful handling. It also aids lifting depression or doubts, meditation, long-term psychic protection, locating lost objects, animals and people and regaining self-control whether over bad habits or emotions. It is also the planet of mystical experiences and of exploring the unconscious depths of the individual and collective psyche and for pastlife work.

The Rules Of Magick

According to the rules of magick, as I said earlier, you cannot be angry, mean or cruel and then expect to say sorry to a deity and have the slate wiped clean. Magick is about taking responsibility for your own actions all the time and that is incredibly onerous. But, on the positive side, the results are equally potent, and if you can learn to tap into the source of light and life and joy, you will amaze yourself and others by what is possible. Thus will your psychic powers also spontaneously unfold and guide you in your everyday world, increasing your spiritual power and wisdom.

The Full Moon

Full moon magick is good for any immediate need, for a sudden boost of power or courage, for a change of career, location or for travel, psychic protection, healing acute medical conditions, for a large sum of money needed urgently, the consummation of love or for making a permanent love commitment, for fidelity spells, especially if a relationship is looking shaky, for justice, ambition and promotion.

Awen And Witchcraft

The stones of Avebury are widely believed to be the collectors and repositories of Earth and psychic energy, which supposedly was known to the original users of the site and which can be dowsed. The area around Avebury has been popular with the makers of crop circles. See MEGALITHS.

Hand of glory

Hair and nails Hair and nails possess magical attributes that contain the essence of a person, and thus are important ingredients in many magic spELLs. Hair is associated with strength and virility, and with psychic protection. Abundant hair was considered an asset for many monarchs. The ancient Egyptians believed that a potion made of hair, nail clippings and human BLOOD would give a person absolute power over another.


Salt rituals are among the oldest forms of magick and salt can form the focus of magick for health and prosperity ceremonies as well as for psychic protection. The kind used is most usually sea salt and represents the Earth element. It should be kept covered and separate from domestic salt and it must be empowered before use.

The Coven in Wicca

Besides good leadership qualities, the high priestess should possess strong psychic powers and sharp intuition. Much of a coven's magic work involves the sensitive use of psychic abilities. The high priestess must be able to build and shape the group psychic powers and sense when they are at their peaks. In addition, she helps individual coveners develop their own psychic abilities. It is usually the role of the high priestess to cast and purify the MAGIC CIRCLE and invoke the Goddess and the spirits of the four quarters and elements. She also directs the chants, rituals and magic work. The high priestess may pass the wand or delegate these duties from time to time to other coveners, as part of their training.

Meanings Of Stones

LAPIS LAZULI -(dark blue) Promotes psychic opening, clairvoyance. Now grown rare. MOONSTONE -(milky white) Protection, absorbs negativity, promotes confidence, psychic opening. OPAL -(iridescent greenish white with orange, red) Promotes psychic opening and development, sensitivity to spirits. Once considered unlucky by those who feared psychic phenomena. SODALITE -Sodalite is very similar to Lapis Lazuli and is often used in place of it. Promotes psychic development, clairvoyance. TURQUOISE -(blue) Protection, good fortune, psychic opening. Considered very sacred.

Untying A Knot Spell

In MAGIC, knots are used to bind and loosen deities and power as tools in psychic attack and defense and in magical snares. Magic knots also have the power to kill. According to a medieval formula, a witch's LADDER, made of a string with nine knots, when hidden, causes a victim to die a slow death.


Avebury The most important and oldest megalithic henge in Britain, predating the Druids with active use between 2600-1600 B.C.E. Avebury is said to be the largest henge in the world, covering 28.5 acres and including most of the village of Avebury, located six miles west of Marlborough in Wiltshire, southern England. The site may have served Neolithic GODDEss worship and is considered a center of Earth and psychic power by wiCCANs, pagans and others. The original purpose of the stones is shrouded in mystery.

Joining A Coven

Before joining a coven, consider what you are looking for. Some covens emphasise set ritual and ceremony and a learning path that can take years rather than months, along which you progress in an orderly fashion, gradually building up a great store of wisdom and experience and allowing your psychic powers to unfold slowly - is that what you want It is important also to establish what you may be able to give to the coven. Can you devote the necessary evenings for the coven, or do you have a packed schedule and many commitments, which prevent you from setting aside a regular time

Incense Magick

Incenser Draw

Since the 1960s, incense sticks, cones and burners have increased in popularity for home use, to create an atmosphere of calm, to induce love and cleanse negativity. Many people use them for meditation as well as for rituals for confidence, health, love, prosperity, psychic protection and success.


Chanting In ritual, the repetition of sacred or magical words, names and phrases to alter consciousness and raise psychic power. Chanting, done in conjunction with dancing, drumming, visualization and body movements and postures, is one of the oldest and most universal techniques to align human consciousness with the realms of spirits and the gods. The principle behind chanting is expressed in the Eastern mystical concept of the mantra, sacred words or the names of God Goddess, which are chanted verbally or silently. The term mantra means to protect, especially the mind. The mantra harnesses the power of the vibration of shabda, sacred sound. The repetition of mantras unleashes certain cosmic forces that drive deep into the consciousness, down to the level of the cells. When a name of God Goddess is chanted or repeated, for example, a person thus aligns every cell in his or her being with the highest divine consciousness possible, imbuing that consciousness into his or her being. The...

Fox Selena

Fortune used her experiences with psychic attack to conclude that hostile psychic energy can emanate both deliberately and unwittingly from certain people and that one can mentally fend off such energy. Her book Psychic Self-Defense (1930) remains the best guide to detection and defence against psychic attack.


This is part of the meaning of that ancient maxim AS ABOVE SO BELOW. That just as we live in a vast universe filled with countless stars, so too whole universes of a different nature exist within us, within the microscopic make up of our being. Worlds within worlds. The electro-magnetic energy which holds electrons and protons and other microscopic particles in place has had many names Chi (Asia), Mana (Polynesia), Orenda (Iroquois), Od (German), the Force (Star Wars), and Psychic Energy (contemporary). For the purposes of these lessons we will call it simply energy.


Some folk magicians certainly share such feelings, but those who've worked with stones see them in far different ways. Diamonds are stones of strength, reconciliation, healing, and protection emeralds-love, money, health, psychic power rubies-joy, wealth, and restful sleep.

Grey Magic Spells

Grey is used primarily for neutralising or erasing negative energies or feelings. It is the shade of compromise and adaptability, of lowering one's profile in times of danger, and offers protection against both physical and psychic attack. It is a colour for keeping secrets and for smoothing down potential conflict and keeping one's counsel when to do otherwise would be unwise.


Purple candles aid meditation, work with past lives, scrying with candles and mirrors, and astral travel. They are good for psychic protection and preventing nightmares. Purple can also be used for all rituals where the facts are not clear, for clearing secrecy, for healing the spirit and for banishing what lies in the past, especially failure, and for remembering departed loved ones. Below, I have given subdivisions for different shades of purple, but in practice they are interchangeable.

Ritual For Harmony

Whether you are carrying out spells, rituals or divination or are simply feeling anxious, vulnerable or under attack from inner or external forces, psychic protection can enclose you in light and keep out all that threatens your harmony. It is a very positive form of magick that for everyday use requires a basic ritual or visualisation that takes only a minute or two. Some people carry out routine psychic protection when returning from work and in the morning as naturally as taking off their work clothes and having a bath, to shed the pressures of the day.

Psychic Hygeine

Another word for clearing and releasing excess energy is GROUNDING. You will find complete instructions for releasing in the EXERCISES section of this lesson. Make sure to read them. Psychic hygiene is always important when you do magic or psychic work. You should cleanse and release both before you begin, and especially after you finish. But this is not the only time it's important. Many people on a magical path tend to pick up energy from others -usually emotional energy. Such a people may find themselves picking up another person's emotions, mood, or tension level, without knowing it. The same techniques of psychic hygiene can be used to release such pick-ups as well. Moreover, because we tend to pick up from others in this way, it is important to practice PSYCHIC SHIELDING. Psychic shielding basically strengthens your own boundaries, so that you do not pick up any energy you don't want. It's good to practice psychic shielding regularly, even daily, as it helps to keep the AURA...


When I was first learning how to use and direct my psychic energy I use ESP cards. When you go to use ESP cards all you have to do is turn them all upside down (so you can't see the pictures on them) and hold your hand above each card. Have a guess as to what you think the picture is. Turn the cards over and see if it's right. It is said that if you can get six of your guesses correct that you have a special hidden gift.


Of all the herbs associated with dream magick, mugwort is by far the most popular and the most potent. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, stuff a dream pillow with mugwort leaves and then rest your head upon it to sleep. Other ways in which to induce dreams that reveal the unknown or things that are yet to be include the drinking of mugwort tea and the anointing of the Third Eye chakra with a dab of mugwort juice. Mugwort can also be made into an incense, which, when burned prior to sleeping, aids in astral projection and lucid dreaming, and summons forth dreams that facilitate spiritual and psychic growth.

Doctor John

Throughout history, divination has been used to identify parties guilty of crimes. Despite the true psychic ability no doubt employed by many diviners, it is certain that many innocent people have been punished along with the guilty. In the Pacific Islands, murderers have been identified through examining the marks of a beetle crawling over the grave of a victim. The Lugbara of western Uganda fill small pots with medicines that represent the suspects. The pot that does not boil over when heated reveals the culprit. In other methods, suspects are forced to eat or drink various substances and concoctions, such as the gruesome stew made from the boiled head of an ass. Whoever is unfortunate enough to choke or suffer indigestion even a rumbling stomach is guilty by divination. Popular tools include the Tarot rune stones crystals, mirrors or bowls for scrying dowsing and the I Ching. Many Witches also use psychometry, which is the reading of objects or photographs by...

Effort And Will Power

Exciting because it means that we can extend the boundaries of possibility, recalling the psychic powers of childhood when we could span dimensions as easily as jumping across a puddle. We can increase our personal magnetism to attract love and luck and regenerate the innate healing abilities both of the human body and the planet.

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