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This online course from professional hypnotist Dr. Steve Jones gives you a way to help your patients access their past lives. This service has become more and more in-demand as a form of therapy as the years go by. This skill has a constantly-growing demand that must be met Get your certification with this online course and be on the cutting-edge of amazing therapeutic techniques! You will learn how to bring powerful, life-changing emotions out of your patients and help them to be the well-adjusted people they are meant to be without all of the problems that usually plague people whose emotions are out of whack. You will learn all of the effective strategies that help people uncover their past emotions and gain the life that they really, truly want. Get your certification to help people today! You won't regret getting this excellent, professional course. More here...

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The Sanctity of Nature

We revere death as well as birth, for both are passages to new life. Most Wiccans believe in some form of reincarnation, and traditionally it is thought that the soul, after death, rests for a while (according to common belief, in a place of peace called the Summerland) before beginning a new lifetime. The precise rules of reincarnation differ from individual to individual for the most part, Wiccans focus primarily on the here and now, preferring to put our energy into living the best lives we can and making the world a better place rather than worrying about the afterlife.

Some Religious Ideas Of Early Britain

As I mentioned briefly in the previous chapter, the broad-headed Beaker People began coming to this country from Spain by way of France and the Rhine, by about 2000 B.C. They brought with them bronze weapons, and their arrival is generally considered as the commencement of the Bronze Age is Britain. Unlike the Neolithic peoples, who, as we have seen, built big communal tombs, the long barrows, these bronze-using immigrants buried their dead individually in round barrows. They laid the bodies in their graves in a curious manner, crouching with the knees so close to the chin that the corpses must have been trussed into position, as say Jacquetta and Christopher Hawkes in their Prehistoric Britain. A body lying on its side in this position, under the rounded hillock of earth, may have been intended to mimic an unborn child lying in the womb of its mother. In other words, they laid their dead in the womb of Mother Earth, to be born again when the time should come, and this custom may well...

Maguey Fique Cabuya Century Plant Agave americana L

I had a reincarnation during the time of the government of the last Caesar from Rome. At that time I had fame as a Magician. Hence, I was called by Caesar in order to help him to get rid of a political personage, who was his mortal enemy. I accepted the job and operated with the elemental of the Maguey plant. I approached the plant and blessed it. Then, I walked in a circle around it from right to left, cut one of its fleshy leaves and placed it between the palms of my hands. Afterwards, I pronounced the mantras of the Maguey plant LIBIB, LENONINAS, LENONON. I imperiously commanded the elemental of this plant to transport himself to the abode of the Caesar's enemy in order to disintegrate his thoughts of hatred and to infuse into him love towards the Sovereign.

Initiation of the Second Degree

Womb, and by mine honour among men and my Brothers and Sisters of the Art, that I will never reveal, to any at all, any of the secrets of the Art, except it be to a worthy person, properly prepared, in the center of a Magic Circle such as I am now in and that I will never deny the secrets to such a person, if he or she has been properly vouched for by a Brother or Sister of the Art. All this I swear by my hopes of salvation, my past lives and my hopes of future ones to come and I devote myself and my measure to utter destruction if I break this my solemn oath.

The Descent Of The Goddess

The Descent of the Goddess speaks of the descent from the land of the Living into the land of the Dead, and the return to life through rebirth. This of course refers to both the yearly cycle of seasonal renewal, through which the Earth is annually reborn, but also to the process of reincarnation through which we are all eternally reborn. But this ancient myth also has another level, for it speaks of the descent of Spirit into Matter, and its' return to Divine Union through spiritual evolution and growth.

There have been Witches in all Ages

So the myth of the Great Mother came into existence and woman was her priestess. Probably at the same time the men had a hunter's god, who presided over the animals. Later, perhaps, came the idea of a future life and thoughts of the next world as being an unhappy place unless you could attain to the abode of the gods, a sort of paradise. This was thought of as a place cf rest and refreshment where one would grow young again ready for reincarnation on earth. What probably happened was this there was an organised tribal religion, with a male tribal god, and an order of priestesses and their husbands who looked after the magic. The chief priest of the tribal cult was dominant when he attended their meetings, but in his absence the priestess ruled. My witches speak of him as god of 'Death and what lies beyond' by this they not only mean the life in the next world but resurrection (or reincarnation). has a special paradise for his worshippers, who have conditioned their bodies and natures...

Pathway Key Temperance

Situated on the pathway between Netzach and Hod this card represents fruitfulness. The third harmonizing of the pillars of force and form, linking victory with glory. The careful balance achieved between force and form. It is the card of combination, of unity and the quaternary produces the pentagon or five sided figure illustrating organic growth. It is inspiration and the reconciliation of several parts in a great whole. It is the seed of new life entering a stage of total passivity. It is reincarnation or continuity of consciousness after death. A card of the middle way that indicates the need for temperance in all things.The need for calm, collected thought process to replenish ones provisions of that which is lacking. It is the calm after the storm of death and a moment of pause at the start of rebirth, like the first breath taken as the

Lady Olwen See Wilson Monique

Her Craft name came from an inner awareness early in life that, in addition to her family name, she had always been Sheba, perhaps in a former life. She believed she had lived before in Northern Ireland or Scotland, though she never formally attempted to investigate her past lives.

Mesopagan Witchcraft the Buds

A Goddess Arrives, and High Magic's Aid, by Gerald Gardner. The first one is a (bad) novel, in which Gardner first explored ideas of reincarnation and goddess worship. The second is another novel in which he reveals much of his thinking during the years he was first creating Wicca. Both are now available in reprint editions from the Church & School of Wicca at or from other online dealers.

Wicca And The Christian Heritage

Since it was first publicised in 1954 by Gerald Gardner, Wicca has been associated with magic, spirituality, mysticism, nature religions, secrecy, gnosis, the exotic and the Other. Over the past thirty years, anthropologists, sociologists and historians have defined and explored Wicca within all these contexts, but there has been a tendency to sublimate and negate the role of Christianity in Wicca's historical and contemporary incarnations.

Wiccan Rituals And Ethics

Reincarnation, on the other hand, is a form of bodily transformation. Some may choose to be reborn in another body, perhaps as an animal or bird, sometimes to teach or to complete unfinished work. For example, Merlin, the magician, was believed to have been incarnated in several lifetimes and to have entered willing bodies, including the sixth-century bard Taliesin.

Days of Power The See Sabbat

Reincarnation The doctrine of rebirth. The process of repeated incarnations in human form to allow evolution of the sexless, ageless soul. One of the tenets of Wicca. Wicca A contemporary Pagan religion with spiritual roots in the earliest expressions of reverence of nature. Some of its major identifying motifs are reverence for the Goddess and the God acceptance of reincarnation and magic ritual observance of astronomical and agricultural phenomena and the creation and use of spheroid temples for ritual purposes.

The Second Degree Initiation

Among men and my brothers and sisters of the Art, that I will never reveal to any at all any of the secrets of the Art, except it be to a worthy person, properly prepared, in the center of a Magic Circle such as I am now in. This I swear by my hopes of salvation, my past lives and my hopes of future ones to come and I devote myself and my measure to utter destruction if I break this my solemn Oath.'

To Cause Etheric Change

The ether is most often described as residing in the place beyond the vails. It is where those who have left this world reside until their reincarnation. It is where Summerland can be found. It is where the Akashic records are kept and it is where divine knowledge comes from. It is the source of miracles and inspiration. It is Mount Olympus. It is where all god forms reside. In some rather stuffy and overly dramatic lore, it has been called the shadow realm. It is the place that demons come from.

Chapter Consciousness Rites

Shirley MacLaine, a famous actress, singer, and dancer, wrote the latest installment of her multi-volume autobiography and introduced much of the United States to the doctrine of reincarnation. A later book-as well as a television miniseries based on it-brought the concept of channeling to millions of people. Everywhere around us, people are opening their minds. Long-forgotten practices are being dusted off and examined for possible contemporary yses. Persons are investigating the powers of the mind, of the Earth, of stones and herbs. Many are looking at past lives, searching for clues to unlock the mysteries of our existence. Many tools and processes have been embraced by the New Age-channeling, crystals, re-birthing, herbs, pyramid power, past-life regression, meditation, neurolinguistic programming, yoga, and a host of others. Some of these are spiritual, some are psychological and others are magical in nature. But try to call a New Age person a Witch, or even a magician, and...

God The Universe And Everything

Also it must be remembered that we live many lifetimes, through reincarnation. Sometimes we resonate very strongly to a particular face of Deity because we have interacted with Deity through that face in previous lifetimes. Thus we might be drawn to Isis for example, because they have in previous lifetimes been a devotee of Isis.

How the Little People became Witches and Concerning the Knights Templar

This influx might have brought about some changes in the cult, but the main objects would I think be unaltered. What they wanted was prosperity and fertility for the tribe, a life after death in happy conditions, and reincarnation into their tribe or nation. We laugh today, but it was not a joke when people believed that it would happen. The heathens had no hell with which to scare people they simply stated that the best heaven and the best reincarnation were for the rich and clever. While the respectable, hardworking folk of the towns disliked the men of the heaths and were shocked at their doings, the lesser nobles were not ashamed of their contact with the magic of witches or sorcerers, as they did not consider it a serious offence, and several Popes have been said to have practised it. In Parzival, by Walfram von Esehenbach, the Grail is a stone which is under the protection of a body of Knights Templars who are chosen by the Stone itself. On the Stone appear written the names of...

Occult Medicine Himalayas

Crowley, Aleister (1875-1947) The most controversial and perhaps least understood magician and occultist of his time, Aleister Crowley has been both vilified and idolized. He was a man of both low excesses and high brilliance. He considered himself to be the reincarnation of other great occultists Pope Alexander VI, renowned for his love of physical pleasures Edward Kelly, the notorious assistant to occultist John Dee in Elizabethan England Cagliostro and occultist Eliphas Levi, who died on the day Crowley was born. Crowley also believed he had been Ankh-f-n-Khonsu, an Egyptian priest of the XXVIth dynasty. On November 18, 1898, Crowley joined the London chapter of the HERMETIC order of THE GoLDEN Dawn, which was the First or Outer Order of the Great White Brotherhood. He discovered he had a natural aptitude for MAGIC and rose quickly through the hierarchy. He began practicing yoga, in the course of which he discovered his earlier incarnations. He left Trinity College without earning...


Reincarnation What is reincarnation that's been dug in the ground. Reincarnation starts in when And I'll think about reincarnation and life and death and such But I'll come away concludin' (1) Denies the Biblical view that the spirits of the dead are confined to heaven or hell (Mt 25 46 Lk 16 16-20 2 Pet 2 9 Rev 20 1015 Phil 1 23 2 Cor 5 68 Lk 16 22-26.) These views are often incorporated in the belief in reincarnation. (See poem.) search.25 Necromancy also expressly forbidden in Scripture Deut 18 9-12. Modern views are attempts to discredit the Biblical view. The trap of poltergeist phenomena is to cause unsuspecting people to assume the truth of the occult world view such as mediumism ( channeling ), witchcraft, reincarnation and paganism. The enforced paganism in Federally supported schools is frightening.

Witch Beliefs

Exactly what the present-day witch believes I find it hard to say, I know one who goes to church at times, though she is, at best, only an occasional conformist. She firmly believes in reincarnation, as many Christians do. How she or they reconcile it with the Church's teaching I do not know. But, to begin with, the belief in many different heavens, each with their different god, is not unusual. The cult god is thought of as the god of the next world, or of death and resurrection, or of reincarnation, the comforter, the consoler. After life you go gladly to his realms for rest and refreshment, becoming young and strong, waiting for the time to be reborn on earth again, and you pray to him to send back the spirits of your beloved dead to rejoice with you at your festivals.

Pagan Background

The ancient Druids were the learned priestly class of the Celtic religion. Many of their beliefs and practices were similar to those of Hinduism, such as reincarnation, and the transmigration of the soul, which teaches that people may be reborn as animals.3 They worshiped the Lord of the Dead on Samhain, October 31. According to Julius Caesar4 and other sources, the Celts believed they were descended from the god Dis, the Roman name for the god of the dead. (Much of what we know of this ancient culture comes from the records of the Romans.)

Other Items

IMAGES -Frequently the altar includes images of Goddess and God, or tokens representing them (for example an antler or acorns might betoken the God, a seashell or a Moon the Goddess). You might also want images of other spirits you call upon -photos of Ancestors or drawings of Spirit Guides. Perhaps a picture or a doll representing an aspect of yourself with which you commonly work, or which you wish to develop further -your Higher Self, for example, or YOUNGER SELF, or key past lives.

The Initiation

Magus Repeat thy new name after me, I, (name), swear upon my mother's womb and by mine Honor among men and among my brothers and sisters of the Art, that I will never reveal to any at all any of the secrets of the Art, except it be to a worthy person, properly prepared, in the center of a Magic Circle, such as I am now in. This I swear by my hopes of Salvation, my past lives, and my hopes of future ones to come, and I devote myself to utter destruction if I break this my solemn oath.

Crowther Patricia C

Patricia Crowther

When Patricia was 30, a hypnotist regressed her to previous lives, including one as a Witch, Polly, an old crone of about 66 in the year 1670. Polly revealed that she lived in a hut with a CAT, frog, goat and hen, and worked spells for people, most of whom she held in contempt. Polly freely recited sPELLs, all in rhyme, with instructions on how to use them. Patricia had no knowledge of such spells, which experts determined were authentic. The regression proved to her that she had been a Witch in a previous life and that, in accordance with Witch lore, she would find her way back into the Craft in the present life. Since that experience, she has recalled, in clairvoyant visions, another past life in which she served as a priestess of the Goddess who had great power. She identifies more strongly with the spiritual priestess than with the spell-casting crone.

The Cabot Tradition

In addition to Craft basics and history, instruction includes parapsychology physiology astrology geometric structure sociology anthropology meditation aura reading, balancing and healing the use of crystals and the psychic arts. The Cabot Tradition traces the origins of the Craft to the Celts. The tradition teaches past-life regression and Cabot's theory of the Root Races of humankind, which holds that humans come from other planetary systems. According to Cabot, alpha waves store all knowledge of the universe, and a person who enters an alpha trance may pick up on vibrations from the past.

Elijah Hadynn

LLM Do you believe in Reincarnation EH Yes I do. I know that I have lived in the past and will exist again in another form in the future. This is what the Old Religion teaches. It's not something that I simply believe but something that I have always known. Sybil Leek and I both accept reincarnation as well as Astrology. Sybil Leek's grandmother used to bake cookies that had the signs of the zodiac on them.

The Gardner Ian S

A particularly important addition to the Book was 'The Legend of the Goddess' a psychodrama telling the story of the Goddess's descent to the Underworld to confront the God, as Lord of the Dead. It was published m Witchcraft Today, and added to the second degree initiation nte. Gardner himself noted that it seemed to derive from Indian and Babylonian myths about Shiva and Ishtar, but that the resemblance was very loose. Indeed, these stones had been heavily and effectively reworked to expound the Wiccan vefsion of the of reincarnation, and to this day the responsibility for the passage remains unknown, although the central place given to the technique of gende scourging would argue for some input, at least, from Gardner himself.


Kabbalah Tree Death

Those who begin a spiritual path often feel that if they have the correct tools and the correct books, and the correct robes will make it work out right for them. Much energy is often invested into collecting these things and this can make it easy to ignore the fact that you aren't actually going anywhere with anything at this point. I can't work magic I have no candles this is a common enough excuse. What we must remember that all these things are but fetters and that if we attune our minds enough we can leave the need for such fetters behind. This is where the obligation of this sphere comes into practice. Discipline is needed to break the inertia which keeps us from moving on. Once you see the vision of the Holy Guardian Angel you will know you must go forward. The Holy Guardian Angel is the light of your Inner Self, your Great Self that of which you, in your present persona is part of. This is possibly the bright being of radiant love that has been seen by so many people who have...

Cabot Laurie

Cabot Laurie

At the urging of a friend, Cabot moved to Boston, where she and the friend rented a house that was the first house built on Salem's historic Chesnut Street, and had been home to NATHANIEL Hawthorne for a year. Three years earlier, Cabot had gone through a past-life regression to see the life of a Susan Sarah Prescott who supposedly had lived in Salem during the 1700s. Cabot believes she picked up on traces of a genetic memory. She discovered that Prescott had indeed existed and that her father had been the builder of their house. She stayed in the house one year.

Gerald Gardner

The religion portrayed in Witdicraft Today was called 'Wica from the standard Anglo-Saxon term for a male witch (the name was amended after Gardner's death to the more accurate Old English form of 'Wicca', although the pronunciation remained with a hard c whereas the Anglo-Saxon was a ch'). Its rites were alleged to consist mainly of dances intended to promote fertility, and of feasting upon consecrated food and drink. The performers were naked, in the belief that this more easily released magical power from the body. They venerated a god and goddess, whose names were secret, the former predominant in winter and the latter in summer. They worked within a circle, formed with a consecrated sword or knife and carefully purified, to contain the energy which they raised. They held the north to be the most sacred of the four cardinal points, believed in reincarnation, and trained to develop latent psychic powers. The religion was organized in covens, led by a high priestess supported by a...


Along with reincarnation go thoughts of Karma. Karma is usually thought of as a reward-and-punish-ment system stretching throughout all lifetimes if you do evil in one life you will have to pay for it in the next. However, it seems that there is always talk of karmic debts and karmic punishments but seldom of karmic rewards . The Witchcraft view seems to make more sense.

Death ceremony

Wiccans as a group don't ritualize mourning. Death is a doorway through which souls pass to re-enter the realm of the Goddess. Bodies are simply suits that we wear and use until they wear out, or until we have no need for further lessons and opportunities in this lifetime. Bodies should be taken care of, but their deaths (the soul never dies) aren't, traditionally speaking, times for ritualized sorrow. How can it be in a religion that embraces reincarnation that sees bodily death as but one of many such transitions that the human soul will experience Human souls enjoy a series of incarnations in human form. Reincarnation is one of the most wide-spread of Wiccan beliefs. Precisely how and why we incarnate several times is open to mystical speculation. Few Wiccan traditions have specific teachings regarding this doctrine. Some simply state that we reincarnate and meet others we've known in past lives. Others are more specific, some less specific. Some traditions say that we never switch...

Everyday Wicca

Reincarnation reminds us that we have more than one chance at life. This concept negates suicide as a solution to problems, or as an easy way out, since we'll be back sooner or later to confront those same issues that we believed were too difficult to face in this life. Additionally, thoughts of reincarnation can help us through periods of mourning. It can also free us of fear of death.

Living Witchcraft

I must first explain why I claim to speak of things note generally known. I have been interested in magic and kindred subjects all my life, and have made a collection of magical instruments and charms. These studies led me to spiritualist and other societies, and I met some people who claimed to have known me in a past life. Here I must say that, though I believe in reincarnation, as most people do who have lived in the East, I do not remember any past lives, albeit I have had curious experiences. I only wish I did. People try to make me say that in the rites skulls and other repulsive things are used. I have never seen such things but they tell me that in the old days sometimes, when the High Priest was not present, a skull and crossbones was used to represent the god, death and resurrection (or reincarnation). Nowadays the High Priestess stands in a position representing the skull and crossbones, or death, and moves to another position, a pentacle, representing resurrection, during...


Malkuth Pantacle

In the same way, thought waves create reality. Repeated thought patterns create our daily reality, as well as genetic, cellular character traits in our souls. Samskaras account for what we call Karma, or Heredity, in the context of reincarnation. Samskaras are at the root of the Jiva's (Tiphareth) separating desire from Source, or

The Sabbat

Many Wiccans begin their year with Samhain (October 31st). On this night they revere their friends and loved ones who have passed on to the other life. Because Wiccans accept the doctrine of reincarnation, this isn't a completely somber festival but a quiet recognition of the inevitable outcome of life. Many Wiccans also mark the symbolic death of the God on this night. Samhain is linked with the coming of winter and ancient hunting rituals.

Chapter Ritual Tools

The cauldron, which is firmly linked in popular imagination with Witches, is a symbol of the Goddess and all that She encompasses-the universe, completion, reincarnation, fertility, abundance, and love. As such, energy generated during Wiccan magical workings may be directed into it.


Purple candles aid meditation, work with past lives, scrying with candles and mirrors, and astral travel. They are good for psychic protection and preventing nightmares. Purple can also be used for all rituals where the facts are not clear, for clearing secrecy, for healing the spirit and for banishing what lies in the past, especially failure, and for remembering departed loved ones. Below, I have given subdivisions for different shades of purple, but in practice they are interchangeable.

The Baron

LLM Since most witches believe in Reincarnation isn't it possible, according to their own views, that some of the burned Inquisitional witches have reincarnated into dissenting Catholic priests Baron Definitely. The Law of Karma is always operating, whether one accepts Reincarnation or not. It's cause and effect. Since the Church itself believes in souls, celebrating All Soul's Day, these souls who were unjustly tortured and burned at the stake will haunt the Catholic Church until it's totally destroyed. I truly believe-that the souls of thousands of witches have reincarnated into dissenting Catholic priests. And those burned in Salem have reincarnated into rebel and radical ministers. Not to do evil but to right a wrong. Not so much out of revenge though justified but for justice. Christianity can have no objection to that It's entire theology is based upon punishment and reward Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Purgatory the early Church believed in Reincarnation but got rid of that idea As you...

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Do You Believe That This Life Are The Effect Of Your Past Life? Understand Reincarnation And How This Life Can Affect Your Condition In Your Next Life.

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