Wifes Sexual Frigidity

There exist women who feel anxiety regarding sexual intercourse. Moreover, when this intimate relation commences they feel repugnance for their male partner.

Certainly, it is a pathological, dissociating, quarrelsome and unbearable state, which leads towards the destruction of affections, towards the inevitable divorce.

The Master Krumm-Heller (Huiracocha) wrote about this in his Initiatic novel of Occultism. The remedy for this sickness is the elemental of the plant called Passionflower.

Contrary to that which occurs with Nymphomania, the elemental of the Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata L.) has the power to light the erotic fire in those women who suffer from impotence or sexual frigidity.

The husband is the one who must execute the following. After having blessed the plant and commanded the elemental to light the erotic fire of his wife, the husband has to yank the plant from its very roots. Then, he will scrub the leaves between his hands and will embrace his wife's hands with his humid hands.

The embracing of hands will contribute to the major efficiency of this Modus Operandi. This simple remedy will be enough in order to finish with the cause of many home quarrels.

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