When the Asthma comes because of a sunk rib surgery is then required

30 grams of Borage (Borago officinalis L.) in branches (it can be acquired in herbal stores).

15 grams of Eucalyptus (leaves).

30 black droppings (crushed) of Goat manure

1 / liters of water.

Put everything to boil, let it all boil for five minutes. Then, drain the decoction in order to take the sediment out of it.

Afterwards, put to boil (without water) in a pan or similar utensil, a quarter of a Panela' (hard sugar cane) until it is burned. Stir it, so it can be evenly burned. Then, when the smell of the burned hard sugar cane is present, add to it, little by little, small spoonfuls of the already drained water, with the purpose of softening the hard sugar and adding to it the already drained preparation. The result will be a type of tinted wine, that when it dyes something, the mark does not come out.

Add to this preparation Benzoate of Soda (the quantity which can be taken with the tip of a knife) with the purpose of avoiding the fermentation of this preparation and also for the good of the asthmatic person's illness.

This treatment must be performed for 90 days, even when the asthmatic person is cured in 15 days, in order to avoid the return of the illness. This medicament acts as a laxative, therefore, four spoonfuls or little cupfuls will be administrated every day. The dosage must be decreased only when the stomach digestion has become too loose. The dosage for children is cut in half, in accordance with their age.

Bottled beverages must be avoided, as well as ice cream, ice and everything that would cause damage if one has the common and current cold.

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