Typhus characterizes itself by having high and constant fever and an unsatisfied thirst. Frequently, it is confused with an acute attack of Malaria.

Give to the sick person every hour, as an ordinary beverage, one glass of the following decoction:

Arnica in branch, 'Cholagogue' in branch, Sweet Marjoram, Wormwood, Sage and 'Contra Gavilana.' Previously, you must perform the usual ritual.

Then, in alternation with the former formula, consume one spoonful each hour of the following formula:

Green onion 8 onion heads

Linden in branch 26 grams

Camphor 2 blocks

Water 1 liter

Cook all of this. Grind the camphor and add it alter, when the decoction is already cold.

The fever is fought with Antipyrine, one gram every two hours or six grams during the day. This is in accordance with the physical state of the sick person.

Apply intestinal baths (enemas) twice a day of water boiled with Mallow and Castor oil, or with the decoction of Canaigre (Rumex hymenosepalus Torr.).

It is also necessary to apply onion poultices on the sole of the feet in order for the germs of the sickness to leave, because the onion possesses a great radioactive power. The sick person will be cured in the space of three to eight days with this complete treatment.

Another formula for Typhus:

Antipyrine 10 centigrams

Acetate of Quinine 10 centigrams

Chloral-Hydrate of Quinine 10 centigrams

Caffeine 10 centigrams

Tincture of Aconite 20 drops

Tincture of Nux Vomica 20 drops

Mix these ingredients within a large glass of water and consume one spoonful every hour.

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