Boil leaves of fresh Rosemary within white wine. Gargle with this three times a day. If this produces nausea, then honey (bee honey) must be added.

Another formula: Grains and shells of Annatto (Bixa orellana L.) must be boiled in water, then, this must be placed outside, under the dew of one whole night. Gargle with it for nine days.

Another formula: Three seeds of the Colombian 'Pita' (Agave boldinghiana Trel.) or 'Enquen' must be cut open in a cross within pure water. Then, pink honey (found in Colombia, Atlantic coast) or honey (bee honey) must be added, then gargled with it. If the Tonsils are very afflicted then a cataplasm of 'La Madre del Caracol' must be placed on them. In order to remove the inflammation from the tonsils, cook three lemons.

Afterwards, take the juice out from them and add a grain of coarse kitchen salt plus a spoon of honey (bee honey) and 10 drops of Merthiolate. Dab the tonsils with the finger wrapped in a piece of cotton, or this Concoction can be drank if dabbing with the finger cannot be tolerated.

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