The pressed juice of the Tobacco leaves (the leaves must be green), mixed with some fat and placed under the sun or over a gentle fire, can then be applied warm for colds, for the pubis, for pain in the side, on wounds and on tetanus, for whooping cough, on the abdomen, the spine and sacro-lumbar area for chronic diarrhea, and also on the navel of children for parasites.

The leaves of Tobacco placed on the temples and forehead is advisable to cure headaches which are caused because of coldness.

The leaves of Tobacco, humidified in firewater (liquor), are applied to the navel when there exists hysteria and nervous attacks.

Tobacco is also used for Epilepsy in the following way: One takes one ounce of Tobacco of good quality and cuts it into small pieces. Then, it is placed within a pot or container with the quantity of one bottle of water and it is placed on the lire. After it is boiled for awhile, one takes it from the fire and strains it very well and adds eight ounces of sugar.

Subsequently, one places the pot on the fire again, until the decoction becomes like a syrup. Consume two spoonfuls in the morning and another two in the night and drink halfa glass of the decoction of the flowers of the Elder tree after each dose. The sick person must keep himself inside his bed at least for three hours after each dose.

Also the Conjuration of the Seven of the Wise Solomon must be recited with a lot of faith to the sick person.

Place in front of the head rail of the bed of the Epileptic person the magic symbol of the Esoteric Pentagram, which makes the demons run away.

Epilepsy is a result of the Karma of the patient, who was serving as a Medium Spiritist in his past lives.

The Epileptic person must never assist, he must never visit any hail of Spiritism.

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

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