To Prevent And Cure The Lungs Against Its Peculiar Sicknesses Great Panacea

Take a Gourd or 'Totumo' (Crescentia Cujete L.), make an orifice or aperture and place it above the fire. At the end of a short time withdraw it in order to extract the pulp, which has to be strained so its liquid, juice or honey remains purified. Posteriorly, make a decoction within a different pot of 'Calaguala' (Polypodium glaucophylum Kze.), 'Canafistula' (Cassia fistula L., Drumstick tree), 'Vira-vira', Senna, Borage, root of 'Anamu' (Petiveria alliacea), root of Aloe, root of Maguey (Agave americana L. also called 'Century Plant'), petals of fine rose. The whole of this must be reduced to a liter, which will be sweetened with burnt panela honey (burnt hard sugar cane).

Then, this mixture must be mixed with the honey, juice from the pulp of the gourd and it must be submitted to the fire again until it boils and the foam dissipates. When such intermixture takes on a black-like color, then, add honey (bee honey) until it is adjusted.

Thus, it is ready in order to be taken by spoonfuls.

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