Third Guardian

We have said that the mind lives constantly reacting against the impact of the exterior world. We have explained in preceding pages that these reactions of the mind depart from the center, out to the periphery.

The mental center from where these reactions of understanding depart is a terribly demonic mental creature. This creature is the Guardian of the Threshold of the Mental body. This mental Guardian enslaves the mind of all human beings. All of those reactions of hatred, rage, violence, egotism, etc. depart from him.

The Arhat must despoil himself from this horrible Guardian in order to convert his mind-matter into Christ-Mind. This labor is performed by means of fire.

When the igneous serpent of the Mental body reaches the spinal vertebra which corresponds to the igneous wings, then the Arhat must courageously confront this tenebrous creature and defeat it in a terrible fight, hand to hand.

Thus, after that instant, the mind of the Arhat only obeys the direct commands of the Intimate.

Another life similar to the present one is lived within the world of the mind. Therefore, it is not strange that in the world of the mind the competent investigators find humanity dedicated to similar labors as to those of the physical world.

The Black Magicians from the world of the mind are terribly dangerous... The Arhat has to courageously confront them and to defeat them with the sharp edge of his sword.

The Guardian of the Threshold of the mind is the third Guardian who crosses us on our path.



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