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Very ancient Scriptures of Tibetan Tantrism speak about a universal secret Order from the Astral world, which can initiate any aspirant during the normal, common and current dream state, while out of the physical body.

It is emphatically stated that the powerful channels of force, which emanate from the transcendental consciousness of the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae, can be perceived in any part of the world.

The aspirant meets the Adepts of such an Order during the sleep of his physical body.

In order to awaken the Sacred Fire, male Initiates, who do not have a wife and who march on the upright path, can practice sexual magic with one of those females who soar up within the clouds. Such females are called "Dakinis."

Tibetan texts dedicate a considerable space in order to praise and to disclose the beauty and grace of the Dakinis' form. They are represented with a beautiful contexture, ruby red skin, gentle and pensive faces, red eyes and red nails, and it is said that they exude the tenuous fragrance of a lotus bud.

Women who do not have a husband must not be preoccupied with this. In time, if they do not wed with a husband, they will receive a Deva from Nature as a husband and will practice sexual magic with him, in order to awaken their Kundalini, or Sacred Fire, which always grants us magical powers.

You must concentrate daily in the Master Tahuil, Adept of the Order of the Epoptae. Thus, you will be assisted.

Go to sleep with your head towards the north. Relax your body, invoke Tahuil and call upon the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae with the following prayer: "OM, I call, I invoke the Master Tahuil and the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae, so that they can take me out from my physical body and awake me in the Astral world."

The Adepts from the Order of the Epoptae will educate you in the Astral world during the normal dream state.

When you awake from your dream, then practice a retrospective exercise in order to remember your astral experiences.

Sometimes, the Dakinis reincarnate as women of flesh and bones. Joyful is the man who can take one of those Dakini women as a spouse.

The Devas also reincarnate and they can also serve as husbands for women who really want to follow the path of perfection.

Most Holy Maty, pious Mother, cover me with your mantle. Divine Cross, I ask Thee protection by these three names of Jesus, Joachin and John.

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