The Roses From Sirius

On one certain occasion, when I, Samael Aun Weor, was in the star Sirius, I saw from far away some trees which were each penetrated by a damsel of an ineffable and touching beauty.

Those damsels called me so that I could approach them. They were elemental damsels (nymphs) who were incarnated within those shrubs. Their melodious voice was music from Paradise. I conversed with them, and then I withdrew, astonished with their plentiful beauty.

That planet has vast seas, and the inhabitants from that star have never killed, not even a little bird.

Their social organization would be magnificent for our terrestrial globe. All the economical problems from this world would end and happiness would reign upon the surface of the earth.

The Sirians are short in stature and they have all their internal senses perfectly developed. They dress simply with humble tunics and use metallic sandals.

Every Sirian lives in a small wooden house. There is no house that does not have a small orchard where the owner of the house cultivates his vegetal aliments. The owner of the house also possesses a small garden where he cultivates his flowers. Capitalists do not live there, cities do not exist there either, nor landholders. Therefore, the people from Sirius do not know hunger, or disgrace.

Some Rose bushes exist in the garden of the great Temple of the God Sirius, which are unknown on our earth. Each Rose from that garden has various meters of height and each one exhales a perfume which is impossible to forget.

The magic of the Roses is something divine and ineffable.

MAGIC OF THE SASSAFRAS (Sassafras officinale, Laurus sassafras)

I remember a very interesting event in relation with the Sassafras which happened in those far off primeval epochs of South America.

A certain indigenous person from the same tribe that I belonged to became filled with jealousy for his wife, whom he loved. He even reached the point of thinking that I, Samaei Aun Weor, was making off with his wife. I clearly remember that while traversing a road, I encountered the husband of this woman. When he saw me, he was filled with a horrible jealousy and he intended to attack me aggressively. However, he restrained himself the man resolved to put the case in the hands of the Indian chief of tile tribe.

I was the Medic from that tribe. Therefore, I knew in depth the magic of the vegetals and due to that 'scandal', I decided to defend myself with the elemental of the Sassafras. The following day, very early, before tile sun illuminated the horizon, I directed myself to the forest together with the woman who was the cause of that scandal. Some Indians were also accompanying us.

Then, when I located the plant called Sassafras, I blessed it, I begged the elemental for the desired service and very slowly I yanked the plant from its very roots. This plant serves in order to end scandals.

Afterwards, I crushed the plant and extracted the pressed juice from it and gave this juice to the woman to drink, who was the cause of the scandal. I also drank from this plant's juice, while my comrades were observing us in silence...

Subsequently, I stuck a spike on the trunk of the Sassafras plant, I kneeled before it and intensely concentrated my mind on the spike, commanding the elemental of the Sassafras to transport himself towards the Indian chief and to dominate him with his powers. At the same time, while performing this magic work I was pronouncing the mantra or magic word of the Sassafras: PARILLA-PARILLA-PARILLA.

Then, the elemental of the Sassafras plant transported himself towards the Indian chief and went around him while pronouncing his elemental magic enchantments. The elemental penetrated into the cerebrum-spinal nervous system of the Indian chief and totally dominated him by saturating him with atoms of love, light and harmony.

So, the next day when I presented myself before the throne of the Indian chief he was already in my favor. Therefore, I spoke with an arrogant and loud voice: "Why did you call me? You cannot act against me." Then the Indian chief answered: "Enough with such scandals, withdraw yourself you have no debts." Thus, this is how that painful incident passed.

The elemental of the Sassafras uses a tunic of a resplendent yellow golden color. He is very intelligent, has a beautiful face and his eyes are of a clear chestnut color.

The Sassafras plant mixed with the juice of the plant called 'Sanseviera' (Sansevieria zeilanica Wilid.) and 'Fioraventi' balm are used as a poultice in order to combat neuralgia.

The Sassafras is also a diuretic and a cleanser. It must be harvested at dawn, the hour of the morning star, because this plant is Venusian.

MAGIC OF THE YUCCA PLANT (Yucca gloriosa L., Yucca filamentosa L.)

In magical terms, the trunk or center stalk from the Yucca plant is called Black Hen (Black Yucca). The Magician remains completely protected against the assaults from the Black Lodge when he makes a staff from the trunk or center stalk of this plant. Yet, this stalk must be cut on Good Friday at twelve midnight.

If this stalk with its leaves is hung from the ceiling, then, the vampires, which are sent by the Black Magicians, remain stuck there.

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