The Queen Of The Flowers

The Rose is the Queen of the flowers. When we investigate in the internal worlds the vegetal magic of the Roses, we can evidence that the rituals of the Queen of the flowers are our own Gnostic rituals.

Some authentic Rosicrucian Temples exist in the internal worlds. One of them is the Temple of Monserrat, Catalufla (Spain) and another is the Temple of Chapultepec in Mexico.

The true Sanctuaries from the true Rose-Cross order are totally Gnostic.

The Gnostic-Rosicrucian ray has its Temples of Mysteries only in the internal worlds.

The Rose, with its immaculate beauty, encloses the must ineffable spiritual wisdom from the Universe. The rituals of First, Second and Third Degree are the Gnostic magic of the Queen of the flowers. All the plants have their sacred rites. Yet, the sacred rites of the Queen of the flowers are our holy rituals.

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