The Plants From Mars And The Elementals Of Fire

The plants which are influenced by Mars are sour, bitter, acrid and fiery. Many of them are thorny and others produce irritation when touching them. Commonly, their flowers are red and small. They are found as small bushes which have a fervent smell.

The elementals who are influenced by Mars are the Salamanders.

When we penetrate within the dominions of fire, then we enter within the dominions of the Gods.

In Greece, the great igneous elemental known by the name of 'Apollo' illuminated Greece's spiritual welfare and that of the surrounding nations through his oracles, which were pronounced by his Pythoness at Delphi.

The elemental Gods of fire were the ones who inspired Joan of Arc. Sometimes they can impress many sensitive people to lead their nations Out of moments of peril.

The great Initiates speak with great reverence of those whom they call "Stillborn Children of the Flame." The redemption of mankind resides exclusively in the Sacred Fire of the Holy Spirit.

Some great Gods from the fire are the Green-faced Man who instructs one in the wisdom of the moon, or the Beautiful Greek, or the Great Atlantean.

We are going to textually transcribe a paragraph from the book "The Dayspring of Youth" by "M":

History records many stories about the appearance of these elemental Masters to the great men of the past. Here ne include a message from a fire elemental to a student:

"Before you were born I was acquainted with you in the inner spheres and we agreed to meet when you would return and harmonize yourself to my intelligence. After this long period I have come over to you in order to instruct you in ihe work that had interested both of us. The fire that you perceived to-day with your sixth sense was the signal we will always give you when we are here; for I have a following that will help and support you. We once spoke about your work at a time when you were born in Egypt and I witnessed your insurrection in a certain province. You gained great power in your efforts to undermine the authority of the ruler under whose scepter you had command. You failed in this conspiracy and were decapitated. But you were able to win the interest of the great elementals of the Fire mists. Much of your knowledge was locked, but we can unlock this and serve you faithfully" (pp. 93-94, Eastern Occult Press)

The spiritual sun is pure fire and that sacred fire gives us illumination. The Salamanders are small and thin creatures and their physical bodies are the hot plants which are influenced by Mars.

Whosoever learns to manipulate the elementals of the fire can cure many sicknesses, because everything comes from the fire. The fire is the base of everything.

"INRI", Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra (the fire renews nature incessantly).

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