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All the problems which we, the human beings have to resolve, all the sufferings from our life, all our desires and passions, all our bitterness, reside within the mind.

If somebody throws a stone into a crystalline lake, then we will see a vast amount of waves which come from the center towards the periphery. These waves are the reaction of the water against the exterior impact.

Our mind is similar to this. The external impacts fall into the lake of our mind, which make us react towards the exterior world with waves of anger, desire, envy, slander, etc., etc.

For example: When we see a pornographic illustration, this image strikes the retina of our eye.

Afterwards, it passes towards our sensorial cerebral center, and finally it goes into our mind.

Thus, our mind reacts over that exterior image with waves of carnal passion. If somebody insults us, the insulter's words arrive to our senses, and afterwards they pass into our mind.

Subsequently, our mind reacts with waves of fury and violence against the insulter.

Therefore, the mind is the cause of all our bitterness. It is the wild horse which hauls our wagon.

If we do not dominate it with the whip of willpower, then it will haul our wagon into the abyss.

The Magician must manage his mind. The Magician must dominate his mind by means of willpower.

When our mind is filled with passionate desires, then let us stop for a moment and let us imperiously command our mind as follows: "Mental body, withdraw those thoughts from me. I do not allow you to bear them."

When our mind is filled with anger, then let us command our mind like this: "Mental body, withdraw this anger from me. I do not allow you to bear anger."

When our mind is filled with hatred, then let us command our mind like this: "Mental body, withdraw this hatred from me. I do not allow you to bear hatred, etc., etc."

The Being is not the mind, the Being is the Being. He is the Intimate and He can control our mind by means of willpower.

The den of desire is within the mind. The body of desires is nothing else but an emotional instrument of the mind.

We can converse with our mind in the internal worlds, when we momentarily have deprived ourselves from it.

Then, the mind seems to be almost an independent subject which sits in front of us, face to face, in order to converse.

This interesting experiment is performed in the following way:

1. The Magician must abandon his physical body and depart within his astral body.

2. Once Out, he must feel himself having a childlike heart.

3. Then, he must command his astral body as follows: "Astral Body, withdraw from me."

4. He must cast his Astral Body out from himself, through his spinal column.

5. Subsequently, his Astral Body will fall out of him from his back and will go out.

6. The disciple will remain within his Mental Body.

7. Now, he has to command his Mental Body as follows: "Mental Body, withdraw from me."

8. The disciple must throw his Mental Body out towards his back.

9. Now, the Magician will feel that something else is moving within his own Being.

10. At this moment, a rare personage comes out from his spinal column.

11. The disciple must question this rare personage: "Who are you?"

12. This subject will answer as follows: "I am your Mental Body. Do you not know me?"

13. The disciple must now invite his own Mind to sit.

14. This is now the precise moment in which the disciple can converse with his Mind face to face, front to front.

After this profound investigation, the disciple will be aware that his mind is a wild horse, a savage man, which he must control, command and direct with the whip of willpower.

All the torments of our existence come from the Mental body.

No insults, no bitterness can ever reach our Intimate, because all bitterness, all insults only reach until the Mental body. Therefore, it is only the mind which reacts towards the exterior world with tempests of pain and bitterness.

The Intimate cannot sufFer. The Intimate suffers only when he identities himself with his mind, when he still has not learned how to control his mind by means of his willpower.

The tempests of our existence come from the exterior, from the world of the mind. They do not come from within, from the profundities of the infinite, because there is where the Intimate always lives full of happiness.

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