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Kundalini is the fire of the Holy Spirit. Kundalini is a liquid fire of a purely spiritual nature. Kundalini is the igneous serpent of our magical powers. Kundalini is found enclosed within a membranous pouch that is nourished by the rays of the sun and of the moon. This membranous pouch is found concentrated within the coccygeal bone.

The fire of the Holy Spirit and the Kundalini are the same. The difference between the Kundalini and the Holy Spirit is just a circumstance of names. In the east, the sexual force is called Kundalini and in the west it is called the Holy Spirit. Yet, it is the same sexual fire which is enclosed within the membranous pouch in the coccyx. The secret in order to awaken the Kundalini (fire of the Holy Spirit) lies in the following prescription:

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is what is called sexual magic and it is mandatory for the Gnostic Medic to practice sexual magic daily, in order to transmute his semen into divine energy. Thus, the fire of the Holy Spirit or Kundalini awakes with this prescription, because this fire rips the membranous pouch in which it is enclosed. Then, it ascends upwards through a canal which is situated within the spinal medulla. This canal is called Shushumna in the east. Such a canal remains closed in the common and current people. However, the seminal vapors open it and expose it, so that the Kundalini can enter through its inferior orifice, in order to ascend upwards through a thread which is situated in the center of such a canal.

The opening of the orifice of this canal of Shushumna is performed under the direction of an angelic atom, which is situated in the semen. This fine thread through which the Kundalini ascends is very delicate. If the Gnostic Medic does not withdraw himself before the orgasm, if he indeed arrives at the spilling of the semen, then this thread is ripped. It becomes a burned fuse or burned wire and the Kundalini descends one or more cannons (vertebrae) in accordance with the magnitude of the fault.

In Gnosticism, we call the spinal vertebrae cannons or pyramids. Each cannon is related with determined occult powers. There exist 33 spinal cannons. When the Kundalini fire has already risen through the 33 cannons, then, within the astral plane, the Staff of the Patriarchs is delivered to the Gnostic. The High Initiation is received when the Staff of the Patriarchs has already been received.

The High Initiation is the fusion of the Spiritual Soul with the Intimate.

The Spiritual Soul is the Buddhic or Intuitive body. When the Buddhic body is fused with the Intimate, then a new Heavenly Man, a new Master is born.

This new Master has to take out his psychic extracts, which are enclosed within his Vital, Astral, Mental and Causal bodies. This task is really very difficult, and this is performed by means of the fire of the Kundalini.

The first psychic extract which patiently has to be drawn out is the ethereal extract. Such an extract is called ARRONSA.

The Master has to awake the Kundalini in his ethereal body, just as he did in his physical body.

Once the Master has made his Kundalini patiently rise upwards through the spinal column of his Ethereal body, then, this Master achieves the removal of his psychic extract, which is enclosed within his Ethereal body.

Next, such an extract is assimilated within his Buddhic body or Spiritual Soul. This is how the Master acquires the power over the Tattwas, which will allow him to govern the four elements of Nature.

The very difficult labor of awakening the Kundalini in the Ethereal body and making it rise upwards, cannon after cannon, just as it was done in the physical body, is performed under the direction of a 'Specialist.'

ARRONSA is the name of the psychic extract of the ethereal body. Therefore, ARRONSA is the mantra which the new Master must vocalize in order to awake his Kundalini and to make it rise upwards through the spinal column of his ethereal body.

ARRONSA can only be pronounced by the Masters, yet, I have written it in this book in order for it to be a guide to the new Masters who will be born with my teachings.

Once the ethereal extract is liberated, the Master has to perform analogous labor with the Astral, Mental and Causal bodies in a successive order. All of these psychic extracts must be assimilated by the internal Master, in order for him to be Self-realized in depth and to have the complete right to enter into Nirvana.

Then, when reaching this degree, the Master is an Omnipotent God, a Majesty of Fire, a Sovereign of creation in its entirety. This is the science of the Serpent.

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