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The Gnostic Church is the authentic Church of our Lord the Christ. It is the temple of Initiations and it is situated within the Astral plane. Our Lord the Christ and the Holy Masters officiate there.

Whosoever reads our books and practices sexual magic will be internally connected with this temple. The disciple can also go there with his body of flesh and bones any time he wishes to do so. This can be done by practicing the procedure that I teach in the fifth chapter ("Humans and Lands in Jinn State").

On Fridays and Sundays, the disciple can assist the 'Pretor' in order to receive the Holy Unction of bread and wine and in order to be cured of any sickness. This Church has 11,000 vestals. The twenty and four Elders of the Apocalypse (Revelation) dwell there.

This Church has esoteric instruction rooms for the disciples, in which the Masters teach and instruct.

Whosoever wants to be united with his own Intimate necessarily has to pass through the Nine Arcades of the Nine Initiations of Lesser Mysteries. The aspirants to each Initiation have their rooms for their esoteric instruction.

Each Initiation has its degrees and each degree its ordeals. The human being is united with his Intimate in the High Initiation. This is how he is converted into a Master of Major Mysteries (read my book The Perfect Matrimony).

The Masters of the Holy Gnostic Church concur to the bed of the sick in order to heal them. A Gnostic Prayer exists, which every sick person must pronounce in order to ask the Masters for help. Behold, the prayer:

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