The Following Formula Is Suggested For The Sicknesses Of The Liver Kidneys And Spleen

Drink this great preparation by little cupfuls, one every hour, until becoming totally healed.

Formula number one:

Every morning, on an empty stomach, consume an egg yolk beaten in 'Canime' oil. Add sugar in accordance with your taste. This treatment should be prolonged until being completely healed.

Formula number two:

Deposit nine fresh eggs into a glass jar, or if not available, a very well glazed pot. Then, squeeze enough quantity of lemon juice until the eggs remain covered. Close the lid of the jar and leave the preparation closed for ten days, because at the end of this period the lemon juice will have performed its purpose upon the eggs. It is relevant to inform in advance that the eggs must be arranged without breaking them. Afterwards, the preparation has to be blended until the shells of the eggs have been reduced to fine grains (calcium). Then, it must be drained or filtered as best as possible, in order to pour a bottle of Rum into it and sugar according to your taste. Bottle it up and drink it, by little cupftils three times a day. There exist people whose state of weakness is so great, that only one dose is enough in order for them to pass out. Therefore, it is necessary for such people to

Tincture of Boldo (Peumus boldo) ... Tincture of Gentian (Gentiana lutea)

Mint Essence

Boiled Water


2 ounces 2 ounces . 1 ounce . 1 liter enough quantity

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