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Every human being possesses an elemental instructor. This elemental instructor is made with the elemental substances from Nature and his creator was the human being himself The human being created his elemental instructor when he was also an elemental.

The aspirations of the elemental-man engendered his elemental instructor. This is how his elemental instructor was created. The elemental instructor of the Gnostic Medic is a Master in Elemento-Therapy.

When the readers of this book want to exert a medicinal operation on a plant, they must request the presence of their Elemental Advocate and beg him to practice the elemental rite of that plant, in order to join its vegetal element to the sick organ of the patient. Then, there is no doubt that the Elemental Advocate will join the vegetal elemental to the sick organ of the patient.

The vegetal elemental must be liberated only when the body of the patient is healed. Therefore, when the sick person is healed, beg to the Elemental Advocate to execute the liberation of that vegetal elemental.

People who live in the city and who have to buy their herbs in the marketplace, will practice the elemental rite around the cut plant, thus begging their Elemental Advocate to join the elemental of that plant to the sick organ or sick organs of the patient.

The Elemental Advocate will join with fluidic cords of the elemental of that plant to the sick organ or sick organs of the patient.

It is astonishing to contemplate the vegetal elemental healing the sick person, rebuilding the sick organs of the patient.

Since the medicinal plants are millions, it is clear that our readers will need to be wells of wisdom, or Guru-Devas, in order to know by memory all the elemental rites of all the plants of Nature. Fortunately, each human being has his own Elemental Advocate from Nature, who has that elemental sapience. Therefore, the Gnostic Medic has to train the person who will place a herb into the brewing pot to practice the elemental rite of that plant. This person will beg his Elemental Advocate to join the vegetal elemental to the sick organs of the patient.

This is the way our readers can join the astral cords from the vegetal elementals to the sick organs of the patient. Consequently, these sick people will be healed, because the plants are not the ones which cure, but their vegetal elementals.

Each vegetal has its elemental. Therefore, there is the need to beg our Elemental Advocate to practice the rite of each plant. Our Elemental Advocate is the Elemental Instructor from Nature.

The Elemental Instructor possesses the supreme wisdom of the elemental magic of Nature. With his help we can open the storage and archives of Nature and learn the profound wisdom enclosed within the memories of the elemental world.

Whosoever receives the Sword of Justice has the power to direct his own Elemental Advocate in order to make his Elemental Advocate visible before his disciples so that they can be protected against black magicians.

During Charlemagne's reign, many people and elemental beings profoundly penetrated within our physical atmosphere. It was precisely in that time when the romantic literature of the Round Table and King Arthur's Knights was born.

The great Elemental Kings from Nature live within a state of ineffable joy, they are Creator Gods.

The Natural-Magic or Elemento-Therapy is as ancient as the world. The Lemurians transmitted this knowledge to the Atlanteans, who transferred it to the great Hierophants of ancient Egypt.

If we consult history, we will become exactly aware that the great men from the past studied under the protective wings of elemental Egypt. The great Greek legislator Solon, Moses, Apollonius from Tyana, all of them received their wisdom from elemental Egypt.

The foundations of the great Egyptian period are founded upon a very ancient Neptunian activity, which is based on the elemental laws of Nature. The Egyptians denominated this profound Neptunian consciousness with the name of 'Amenti.'

When the Gnostic Medic affiliates himself with an internal school of elemental magic, he has to become skillful in the astral body in order to bring all the memories into his physical brain.

A school of elemental magic exists in elemental Egypt. The student can affiliate himself to this school. This school is the Temple of the Elemental Sphinx.

All of Nature is the body of a Goddess who exists in the astral plane. This Goddess has on her head a great queen's crown and she wears a resplendent white tunic. She is the one who commands in Nature, she is the blessed Mother Goddess of the World. She has a temple in the internal worlds, where she officiates and commands. This temple has two altars and in the midst of them we see a lion of massive gold, which symbolizes the 'Lion of the Law.'

It is necessary for the Magician to learn to speak with this Goddess in the astral plane. The Goddess Mother of the World also has her Elemental Advocate, which is the Elemental Sphinx of Nature. The Magician must learn to command this Sphinx and to converse with this Goddess in order to become lord of all creation.

"Hail Nuit, eternal cosmic Seity"

"Hail Nuit, light of the Heavens"

"HailNuit, unique and primordial Soul"

"Then the priest fell into a profound ecstasy and spoke to the queen of heaven, saying: Write thy teachings for us. Write thy ritual for us. Write thy light for us.

"Then, the queen of heaven said in this manner: I do not write my teachings, I cannot. Nevertheless, my rituals will be written for all, yet only that part which is not secret. The law is like this, equal. One has to operate by the action of the Staff and by the action of the Sword. This should be learned and taught in this manner" (A fragment from the Gnostic Ritual of Second Degree).

We learn the powerful elemental wisdom in the school of the Elemental Sphinx. This school is situated in the astral world. Whosoever wants to be affiliated to it has to know how to travel in astral body.

The Sphinx's image is just the material symbol of a great elemental Genie from Nature, who is the unique Guardian of this very ancient wisdom of great Mother Nature.

When a Gnostic requests admittance into the Temple of the Sphinx, then, the Guardians meticulously examine him in order to see if he is worthy to deserve entrance and affiliation as a disciple into the school. Speaking in practical magical terms, this signifies that his spinal column is measured. For that purpose, the student is momentarily united with his Intimate (Spirit) and he receives the command to elongate himself in order to have his spinal column measured. Thus, if the Guardian or Tyler permits him he will then enter as a disciple into the temple.

The Masons from antiquity were disciples from this school of elemental magic. The Master of this school is an ancient Initiate Pharaoh who teaches Elemental Magic to his disciples.

In this elemental Egypt, there also exists the Gallo or GAIO with his 'IAO.' He is an elemental God from Nature, who takes the shape of the Gallo (rooster). If the disciple wishes to awaken his Kundalini, then, he can beg this Elemental God from Nature and he will receive help, since this Elemental Master is a sage in the wisdom of the serpent.

This is why the Gallo (rooster) could not have been missing from the Lord's Passion, since the Gallo (rooster) is the symbol of the sexual force. Therefore, the Gallo (rooster) of Christ's Passion is sacred.

The elemental atoms from Nature are Prana. All the elemental consciousness from Nature is Prana, or life. Therefore, whosoever speaks against the elementals speaks against life, and the princes of these elernentals close the doors to him.

The Elemental Gods are impressive and mighty, especially Horus (pronounced Aurus) who carries various bracelets or rings of massive gold around his forearm. When he delivers one of his bracelets to an Initiate, then this Initiate becomes a leader of a great populace.

The College of the Elemental Sphinx from Nature resides within the very innermost parts of Nature. It is here where we are initiated and where the 'Codex' of the laws of Nature is presented to us. However, we must firstly pass a great ordeal, which in occultism is called "The Ordeal of the Sanctuary." Very few have passed such a great ordeal. Those who pass it receive a ring of a 'monadic' substance on which the Seal of Solomon is engraved.

The Gnostic Medic must learn to utilize his Elemental Instructor (Elemental Advocate) in order to cure ill people. The Gnostic Medic must learn to manipulate the elemental substances from Nature in order to cure.

Prana is made with the most diverse elemental substances from Nature, which the Gnostic Medic must learn to manipulate.

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