Tetanus In The Navel Of The Newborn Babies

The cause of this sickness is when the navel is wrongly cured after being cut and when it receives an influence from a ray of the moon.

The healing of this sickness is relatively easy.

Put a big onion head frond to fry within cooking oil. When it is already fried, then add camphor in powder and apply poultices over the navel of the child. Yet, before applying the poultices, apply to the child fomentation of hot and cold water which must be alternated every five minutes during the span of one hour.

Thus, the Tattwas Tejas and Apas, that is to say, the fire and the water will establish the organic equilibrium and will heal the child.

This remedy is more safe than a million of anti-tetanus or penicillin ampoules from commercial propaganda.

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