Testimony About Cancer

After having delivered the formula of the Rattlesnake, the people who have been cured from cancer are counted by the thousands.

The ninety-nine per cent of the cancerous people have been healed by means of the Rattlesnake.

Therefore, the Gnostic Medics have triumphed. Yet, the Doctors from the official science have not triumphed due to the following factors.

1. Incredibility and skepticism.

2. The tendency of administrating other aids, other remedies, other medicines, to the patient.

It is obvious that the Rattlesnake remedy is extremely jealous. It is enough to administer any other remedy to the cancerous person in order to totally destroy the marvelous therapeutic effect of the Rattlesnake.

Moreover, one must know how to administer this remedy to the patient.

Head and rattles must be taken off from the serpent. Only the meat of its trunk, which must be reduced to a powder, can be utilized in order to heal the patient.

It is clear that in order to cure the poor cancerous person, such pulverized meat must be put within capsules.

Dosage: One large capsule every hour.

Consecutively consume this remedy until becoming totally healed.

Any other remedy is absolutely prohibited. Not even analgesics like aspirin, etc., are accepted, because otherwise the curative power of the Rattlesnake is lost.

In the name of Truth, I emphatically affirm that cancer is no longer a problem.

Cancer is a problem for the 'foolish scientists' of this frightftil age of the Anti-Christ, but never for the Gnostic Medics who work with the Rattlesnake.

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