All of the treatments from the false apostles of medicine in order to combat "Treponema pallidium" have failed. No one knows which has caused more deaths, syphilis or the Neosalvarsan and its derivatives which are used in order to combat it.

Patented remedies are daily invented in order to cure syphilis, yet the result is always negative. The prophylactic systems have served for nothing, because this sickness continues propagating itself in the same measure that it is combated.

We give the following exact treatment in order to cure syphilis of third degree in the space of fifteen days:

'Sanalotodo' (called 'Mosquita' on the coast of Colombia, Baccharis spp.), 'Bejuco de Anis' (Securidaca diversifolia Blake), 'Gualanday' tree (Jacaranda caucana Pittier), 'Bretonica', 'Ortiga', 'Century Plant' (Agave americana L.) and 'Guasguin' (Microchete conymbosa H. B. K.).

The decoction of these hot plants will be consumed for eight days, one glassful every hour.

'Bertolita', 'Verdolaguita' (Kallstroemia maxima Torr. & Gray), 'Tripa de Polio', Fuchsia and 'Paraguay' (Scoparia dulcis L.):

The decoction of these cold plants will be consumed in the same proportion, also for eight days, after having finished the former treatment.

The sick person will bathe his entire body during eight to fifteen days with the decoction of the following plants:

Anise herb, 'Coralito', 'Matandrea' (Alpina occidentalis), 'Guanabana Cabezona' (Mammee, Mammea americana L.) and Laurel.

It is indispensable to perform the ritual to the plants.

Any syphilitic individual will be healed in the space of two weeks with these formulae, no matter how grave he might be.

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