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The Guru Litelantes, known on the earth with the profane name of Arnolda de Gomez, taught me about the Jinn State.

This Lady-Adept is my priestess-wife and my esoteric collaborator.

I have red much occult literature, yet, I have never found concrete data about the 'modus operandi' for Jinn States.

The Venerable Master Huiracocha relates to us in his Initiatic Novel the interesting case of the commander Montenero, who with his physical body in Jinn State entered into the Temple of Chapultepec, Mexico, in order to receive Cosmic Initiation.

Don Mario Roso de Luna also speaks marvelously to us about the Jinn States.

However, never has any Spiritualist writer taught to us the concrete formula in order to place the physical body in Jinn State.

I learned this formula from my own priestess-wife. She taught it to me in a practical way. Regarding this, it comes into my memory many interesting things from that time.

Back in time, in the year 1946, my wife and I were living in the tropical town of Girardot (Cundinamarca). One certain day, the Lady-Adept told me, "Tonight I will transport myself with my physical body in Jinn State to the home of Mrs. E... I will make my appearance felt by her. Then, I will leave there a material object for her."

Being somewhat inquisitive, I asked her: "Is it possible to transport oneself with physical body through the air and without ihe necessity of an airplane? " While smiling, the Guru Litelantes told me: "You will see..."

The following day, very early, I went to visit Mrs. E... This lady, somehow overwhelmed, told me that during the whole night she had felt noise within her house and the steps of a strange person. Then, she told me that inside her home, which was properly closed with a lock, she had found certain material objects which were belonging to Mrs. Arnolda.

I, overwhelmed from this matter, went to the Lady-Adept to tell her about the case. Smiling, she told me: "You, see that it is possible to travel with the physical body in Jinn State."

Later on, she invited me to execute an excursion with the physical body through the dominions of those marvelous Jinn lands which Don Mario Roso de Luna spoke about.

Hence, one night, the most quiet, the most silent night, I was lying down on my bed in a perfectly vigil state. Suddenly, the Lady-Adept told me: "Get up from your bed and lets >>

This Lady-Adept had placed her physical body in Jinn State. Thus, she was surrounded by the tremendous cosmic forces from the God Harpocrates.

I got up from my bed and filled with faith I followed her, walking with a firm and decisive step. A spiritual voluptuousness was inebriating me. So, I decided to float in the air. I comprehended that I had submerged myself within the astral plane, yet, I did it with my physical body. I understood that when the physical body is submerged within the astral body it can levitate and remain under the laws of the astral plane, yet, without losing its physiological characteristics.

Once, while in Jinn State, the Lady-Adept made me fly over great precipices and mountains in order to prove my courage.

After having a very interesting excursion, which was performed in remote Jinn lands, the Lady- Adept and I returned to our dwelling.

I continued experimenting by my own account. Thus, I discovered that in order to transport oneself with physical body in Jinn State, only a minimum quantity of dream and a lot of faith is necessary.

Later on, the Lady-Adept explained to me something about the Orphic Egg and the Jinn States. The Golden Egg of Brahma, which symbolizes the Universe, comes into my memory. Our planet Earth has an oviform figure. The first manifestation of the Cosmos in a form of an egg was the belief that was most spread in antiquity.

It is stated in the Egyptian Rite that Seb, the God of time and the earth, lay an egg, or the Universe; an egg which was brought into existence at the hour of the great ONE of the double force.

The God RA is represented by the Egyptians in a process of gestation within an egg. The Orphic Egg appears in the Dionisiac Mysteries.

In Greece and India, the first visible masculine being who was reuniting the two sexes in himself was represented as emerging from an egg.

The egg symbolizes the world.

Therefore, logic invites us to think that great occult powers exist within the egg. The Guru Litelantes explained to me the magic formula of the egg.

The Guru Litelantes told me that one can place the physical body in a Jinn State with the egg.

A small orifice must be made on the endmost pointed part of the egg. Then, the yolk and the white part of the egg have to be taken out through that orifice.

The egg must be slightly warmed up in boiling water before making the orifice.

The disciple must paint the egg a blue color.

That empty shell must be placed next to our bed. The disciple will fall asleep while imagining to be inside within the egg.

The Master Huiracocha says that in those instants one must invoke the God Harpocrates, by pronouncing the following mantra: HAR- PO-CRAT-IST.

Then, the God Harpocrates will carry the disciple within the egg. The disciple will feel a great itchiness or rash on his body.

The disciple will feel himself uncomfortable, because he will have that uncomfortable position with which the pigeon, while inside of an egg, is represented. However, the disciple must not complain, because the God Harpocrates will transport him to any far away place. The God will open the egg and will leave him there.

In the beginning, the student will only transport himself in his astral body. Later on the student will transport himself with his body in Jinn State. This is a matter of much practice and tenacity.

The Jinn States permit us to perform all of these marvels. The Guru Litelantes showed me in a practical way how a physical body while in Jinn State can assume distinct forms, such as enlarging and shrinking itself by will.

Indeed, official science does not completely know about the physical body, but only about its purely primary or elementary aspects.

The scientists totally ignore that the physical body is plastic and elastic. Official anatomy and physiology are still in an embryonic state.

The forces which the Guru Litelantes taught me to command are the Harpocranian forces which boil and palpitate in the whole Universe.

The HAR-PO-CRAT-IST forces are a variation of the Christic forces.

Wherever a Jinn State, an astral projection, a Temple in Jinn State or an enchanted lake exists, the HAR-PO-CRAT-IST forces are found in an active function.

The disciple is accumulating these HAR-PO-CRAT-IST energies when he performs the practices of HAR-PO-CRAT-IST. Then, later on, these energies will truly allow him to perform marvels and prodigies.

I learned this marvelous science from the Guru Litelantes. She is my priestess-wife, who works in the superior worlds as one of the forty-two Judges of Karma.

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