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The solar plants are aromatic and of an acidulous flavor. The elementals of these plants possess great magical, curative powers.

These elementals are called "Sylphs" and they are the elementals of the air. The Sylphs say:

"Where real worth is hidden, there the Sun's rays shine."

They impress upon the student the importance of gaining what is called the consciousness of knowledge, that is to say, the intuition.

The Sylphs possess a formidable memory. As a result, they are wise. They remember the rituals and religions of the stars and the wisdom from the most ancient books.

If the student wants to remember the ancient wisdom, the Sylphs can instruct and teach him. The authentic Astrologers inevitably have to know the rituals of the stars in order to manipulate sidereal magic.

There also exist certain black magicians or black astrologers who communicate with other black magicians from other planets by means of certain procedures of black magic.

Thus, with that extra help and in combination with the planetary force, they achieve their evil goals. Those type of criminals are sure candidates for the abyss.

If the Gnostic student wants to practice sidereal white magic, then, he has to puriFy himself and to study the rituals of the stars. These rituals are known by memory by the Sylphs.

Whosoever does not know the rituals of the stars cannot practice the white magic of the stars, because the ritual is the instrument used in order to manipulate the forces. If the Gnostic wants to study those sidereal rituals, then, he has to learn them from the Higher Sylphs (read the Zodiacal Course by the same author).

The Sylph's appearance is like an innocent child. The Sylphs feel horror to the human beings, since they know very well that the present human souls are 'demon-souls.'

Millions of human beings already carry the mark of the beast on their foreheads and on their hands. Thus, the 'demon-souls' carry horns upon the forehead of their astral bodies, and on their hands they have a triangle with a point in its center. This triangle is the niark of the beast on the hands.

The authentic Astrologer does not need to create amusement park horoscopes, as the style of certain astrologers who are already famous for their ignorance. The true Master Astrologer receives his teachings and indications from the Stellar Genii.

A temple exists in the center of every star. This is the abode of the Genie from that planet. In order to enter into that temple, the true Astrologer has to be a Master, or a least a sincere and loyal disciple of the White Fraternity.

Whosoever can converse with the Stellar Genii does not need to make horoscopes, because the Stellar Angels show destiny to him. However, only the Masters from the White Fraternity can be disciples of the Stellar Angels (read The Revolution of Beelzebub by the same author).

Nonetheless, those clairvoyants who are capable of understanding the occult symbolism of the stars are the ones who march on a true path of light.

When fixedly observing a star, the clairvoyant sees that the star is opening itself into an arc. Then, the seer submerges himself within the aura of that star in order to 'live' all the events which await him in anticipation. This is what is called authentic Astrology.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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