Sinusitis Or Sinuses

The cause of this sickness is when a person bathes himself while being with catarrh or head cold. It is characterized by pain and bad odor in the root of the nose. The doctors used to scrape the gristle (cartilaginous tissue which divides the nose's nostrils). This would often disfigure the face of the patient, without achieving the cure and giving no more than a transitory relief.

We, the Gnostics, cure this sickness in the space of eight days with the decoction of Arnica, 'Rema' (Gouaniapolygma Urb.) and Sage plants.

In order to harvest these plants one has to proceed as we indicated for cancer. Then, the plants are boiled in a pot with water. The hot vapor must be inhaled for one hour daily.

The sick person will bless the decoction and will ask the elementals for their healing intervention.

Combine these inhalations with head baths, one every day, with the decoction of the following plants:

Orange or Lemon leaves, 'Rema' (Gouania polygma Urb.), Pennyroyal, 'Santa Maria' (Bryophyllumpinnatum), Arnica and Mammee (Mammea americana L.).

In order to collect these leaves, the ritual already indicated must be performed and one must imperiously ask the elementals to perform the healing. When the sick person cannot personally harvest the leaves, then, he will perform the ceremony at home, since, (we repeat) the ones which cure are not the plants but the elementals.

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