Sick Liver

The sick liver can be cured with the following tea:

A bunch of Boldo leaves (Peumus boldo), another bunch of Lemon Verbena leaves, roots of the plant called 'Mil Hombres' (Cissampelospareira L.) and leaves from 'Carqueja' and 'Cepa de Caballo.'

These plants must be boiled and the water must be drank, three glasses daily, one before each meal.

It is clear that all of these plants must be boiled together and the elementals must be blessed, commanding them to heal the patient.

The Gnostic Medics must never forget the works with the Elemental Advocate, because the latter is the one who must command the elementals of the plants to execute the healing.

The Elemental Advocate obeys immediately the Father, who is in secret. Therefore, we must pray to the Father, so that the Elemental Advocate will work.

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