Sick Kidneys

The Pellitory-of-the-wall plant (Parietaria officinalis L.) is a panacea for sick kidneys. The elemental of this plant is small in stature and of a brown colored skin. He has the power of prolonging life and curing demented people. He also normalizes the menstruation.

There also exists a parasite genre of the Pellitory plant. This genre is a parasite from a tree called 'Cojones de Fraile.' The healing properties belong to the former plant and not to this parasitic type.

Formula for a cataplasm or adhesive patch:

'Entre chipes', 'lirias' or fine wax from 'Mosca boba'

'Entre chipe de quisula'


Milk of 'Copey morado' Balsam of Tolu Ammoniac salt.

Mix the Balsam of Tolu with the rest of the ingredients. First, beat the Balsam and add a little bit of water with kitchen salt to it. Afterwards, add the rest of the elements until everything remains unified. Then, extend the cataplasm over a piece of cloth and stick it together over the kidneys. The patch will come off by itself when the kidneys are healed.

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