Seven islands existed in the Pacific Ocean, which the ancient people called "Malabares." All sicknesses were healed there with serpents.

It was admirable to see the inhabitants of the Malabares islands skillfully handle many vipers. Those people had a stature of three meters in height and their bones were elastic.

They possessed double tongues and their ears, which were divided by natural partitions, were forming a double ear.

Such inhabitants from the Malabares islands could sequentially speak with two distinct persons in two distinct languages.

The Malabares disappeared from night to morning. Nobody knows what happened to those islands and their strange inhabitants.

The King of the World selected them. Now, they live with Him in 'Agartha', the Subterranean Kingdom.

The inhabitants of the Malabares islands were healing with serpents. For each sickness, they had a specific and defined serpent.

We already know that the Rattlesnake serves in order to cure cancer. Rattlesnake meat is miraculous, yet the remedy is very jealous. It is enough for the sick person to consume any other remedy for the cancer in order for the Rattlesnake remedy to become worthless. I, myself have cured several persons with cancer with the Rattlesnake and I am sure that ninety- nine per cent of people with cancer can be cured with the Rattlesnake, if they eat the Rattlesnake meat until becoming healed.

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