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The first thing which the Gnostic Medic needs to know is the cause of the Epilepsy, because this sickness has different origins.

Sometimes a woman's Epileptic attacks are produced because of intestinal parasites.

Other times, it is caused because of perturbations to the nervous system, and not a few times because of consequences of flu to the ovaries.

The symptoms are different. In the case when the Epilepsy is produced because of a cold to the ovaries, then, there is no gnashing of teeth or froth coming from the mouth.


Within a liter of raw water, put to dissolve during 18 to 24 hours one panela (hard sugar cane), then, add to it the following:

Tincture of Rhubarb 1 ounce

Tincture of Boldo 1 ounce

Tincture of Cinchona 1 ounce

Glauber Salts 1 ounce

Epsom Salts 1 ounce


One spoonful each hour. It is also urgent to bathe the feet with the hot decoction of the following plants: 'Santa Maria' (Biyophyillum pinnatum) Mammee (Silvester guanabano), Oregano, Pennyroyal and Lemon Balm. Before harvesting these plants you must bless them and command their elementals to cure the sick woman.

Air in the ovaries or a cold in them can make the parturient woman crazy. The treatment for this case is exactly the same as we have already indicated. As well, sitz baths should be done with the same decoction, or vapors applied to the vagina with the decoction of leaves and peel of orange.

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