Secret In Order To Function Within The Superior Vehicles

Every Gnostic Medic must learn how to freely function in his Atomic and Buddhic vehicles in order to investigate the Nirvanic, Super-Nirvanic, Adic, Monadic, etc., planes.

The essences from superior planes are worthy of being studied. We can receive sublime teachings from the Buddhas of Contemplation while in Nirvana.

We can enter by will any time we want into those superlative planes of consciousness. The light of Atman, the Ineffable, reigns there.

The disciple will start to learn how to depart from his physical body in his astral vehicle. Later on, when he is Out of his body, he will beg his Intimate to take his inferior vehicles out from him. Then, his Intimate will take his astral, mental, causal, etc., vehicles out from the atomic doors of his spinal column.

When we are without those inferior vehicles, we learn to move ourselves in the Buddhic and Atmic vehicles by will.

It is also true that in the astral body we can visit the Buddhic, Nirvanic, Adic, etc., worlds. The Theosophists do not know anything about this. Hence, they are worthy of pity.

It is also very true that through meditation we can visit the superior worlds. The Intimate can enter into any department of the kingdom.

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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