Second Procedure In Order To Cure Cancer

Finally, after many investigations and painflul fights, we have discovered the marvelous and very efficacious plant that radically cures cancer. We can say goodbye to cancer with this plant that is at our reach.

The mentioned plant is the 'Ojaransin.' Let the research of this plant be performed by those demented people, those who oppose the wisdom of Nature and who believe to have everything in their laboratories. Those false scientists who abdicate reason, because they derive their observations and knowledge from the microscope, arrive to boasting of conclusions with a good amount of money in their pockets.

Well then, this important plant to which we occupy ourselves, the 'Ojaransin', must be boiled in order to use it in baths and in beverages.

This plant is very common in the state of Bolivar, Colombia. It grows in swampy places. It is of a small size, with lanceolate leaves, some of them possessing grayish points.

This plant also grows at the shores of the rivers. Its name is indigenous. It is very well known by the Indians (the Majaguas), who inhabit the regions that are close to the community of Majagual, which is situated between the rivers San Jorge and Cauca, at the foot of Mojana's Jet, north of Sierra Ayapel, south from the state of Bolivar and bordered with Antioquia.

The Majagua Indians have this plant as something very sacred over their indigenous altars. They utilize the elemental of this plant for important works of practical magic. This vegetal-elemental looks like a child of some 20 centimeters of height, totally naked. His two eyes look like two lanterns.

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