Second Formula

'Ortiga del buen pastor', 'Bretonica', 'Verdolaguita', Fuchsia, 'Venturosa.' Boil them in a liter of water

Before harvesting each one of these plants, the already indicated rite must be performed on them.

Because the first formula is hot, there is the need to consume the second formula in order to avoid the irritation of the organism with the blazing fire of the Tattwa Tejas. The fire and the water create the dense forms and equilibrate the organic life.

These two formulae from our Gnostic Elementotherapy will be consumed for the time which will be necessary. The leper of third degree will be healed in nine months. The leper of second degree will be healed in four or five months and a leper of first degree, in fifteen days.

After the leper is cured, he must enrich his blood and move his intestines in order to expel the dead germs.

Use the following formula:

Fluid Extract of Boldo 1 ounce

Fluid Extract of Rhubarb 1 ounce

Fluid Extract of Cinchona 1 ounce

Tincture of Aconite half of an ounce

Sulfate of Quinine 1 gram

Simple syrup 1 bottle

This preparation will be consumed by little cupfuls, one before each meal.

This hot formula must be equilibrated with another cold formula. Consume the second one after each meal. Behold, here is the second one:

Cream of Tartar 1 ounce

'Vichi' Salts 1 ounce

Citric Acid 1 ounce

Water 1 bottle

This formula corrects the digestion and refreshes the organism. One cup will be consumed after each meal.

This treatment which I advise for leprosy is as exact as a Pythagorean tablet. Never has it failed, and never will it fail, because it is as ancient as the world. It has been known since the dawn of our Earth.

This secret was entrusted to me by the wise Indians of the Sierra Nevada from Santa Marta (Colombia). They have cured themselves from this terrible sickness through its application.

A strong flu to the blood produces leprosy. It is not produced because of insufficient nourishment, or alcoholism, or hypertrophy to the liver... It is a flu to the blood...and nothing else but a flu.

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