Roooooooooooo Taaaaaaaannnnnnnn Doooooooooo

Before collecting the plants which are in the composition of this formula, one must walk in a circle, from right to left, from south to north, around each one of the plants and while this is performed, one is begging the elementals of each one of them for the healing of the cancer.

Afterwards, the plants are caressed, blessed and then collected. When the components are within the Mate-Gourd, the mantra "Rotando" must be pronounced as we already explained. Then, the elementals of the plants must be commanded with all the might of willpower to heal the sick person.

The elementals are the life of the plants. Only life can fight against sickness and death. The seminal force of the plants are the instrument of the elementals.

Gently brush this on the cancerous ulcer three times a day arid apply the following pomade:

Simple Vaseline Permanganate

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