Renal Urinary Tract And Bladder Inflammation Rheumatic Illness Lumbago Arteriosclerosis Heart Disorders

The plant called Spanish Broom (Geinsta Scoparia, Hiniesta, Ginesti, Spartium junceum L.), as a fact cures these tormenting illnesses.

The flowers and leaves of Spanish Broom, the flowers preferably, must be boiled very well and the decoction has to be drank as an ordinary beverage, until becoming healed.

Bronchial coughs are cured with the root of Licorice, Sweetroot, 'Regaliz'.

Boil a good quantity of the root of Licorice and drink this tea as an ordinary beverage until becoming healed.

The Gnostic Medics must never forget the rituals or magic works with the elementals of the plants.

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