Remedy For Typhus

To quickly cure Typhus is relatively easy.

Collect halfa dozen very well salted sardine heads. Then, place them within a pot and mash them as best as possible.

Afterwards, take a good quantity of the plant called Rue (Ruta graveolens). This plant must be previously blessed, the elemental of this plant must be commanded to immediately act upon the body of the patient.

Fennel must also be collected and bread yeast. The Fennel plant must also be blessed and its elemental must be commanded to work in order to heal the sick person.

Rue, Fennel, bread yeast, etc., very well mixed, must be mashed within the pot. The whole of this must be mashed with much patience, until it becomes a paste, which must undoubtedly be divided into two parts.

Certainly, each one of these two parts must be placed over a piece of cloth as a poultice, in order to place it on the two feet of the patient.

It is beneficial to remember that this marvelous compound must be previously sprinkled with hot vinegar before its application.

This is a prodigious remedy.

The sick person will rapidly heal with this magic formula.

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