"Besticirum cosolatio, veni, ad me, vertu, creon, creon, o creon, cartor, laudem, omnipotentis et, nom, commentor, star, superiur, carta, bient, laudem, om, viestra, principien, da, montem, et, inimicos, meos, o, prostantis, vobis, et, mihi, dantes, quo passium, fieri, sui, cisibilis."AMEN, AMEN, AMEN."

The male or female Magician must recite this prayer thousands of times while ever so slightly becoming sleepy.

Finally, three mysterious Ladies or three magic Gentlemen will arrive. This matter pertains to three Jinn persons from the fourth or fifth dimension.

It is clear that three Ladies will arrive if the invoker is a male, yet if it is a female Magician, a woman who calls and prays, then three elegant Jinn Gentlemen from the world of mystery will arrive.

Unquestionably, these three persons will utilize the Tarot and will cast their lot in order to define positions and to know who is the one who corresponds to assist us and to take us to wherever we wish.

These persons will drink and eat, they will converse amongst themselves. Then, the best will come.

After all of this, the magic person who has to help us will approach us. We must beg to this person to carry us with our physical body to any other place of the earth.

If they tell us or command us to get up, it is necessary to obey.

When the body is felt with that state of lassitude as when one goes to sleep, then, in that state is where one senses the invoked Genii.

We must get up from the bed in that state. The Genii will assist us.

The Jinn person who will be in charge of us will take us to the place which we will indicate. The physical body delectably floats while inside of the magic regions of the earth. Thus, this is how we can transport ourselves to any place of the earth.

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Astral Projection The Naked Truth

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