Pray Er

"Acknowledging that I am a monster of evil, a vile slug from the mud of' the earth who has no value, knowing that I am a poor sinner, I invoke the Powerful LordMAGOA, King of the East of the world. I call Him in the name of the sacred Tetragrammaton. I conjure by the Tetragrammaton. I call by the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton. I weep humbly asking to Thee, so that Thou can concur to this call.

"In the name of thy Father, who is in secret and of thy Divine Mother Kundalini, come to me, powerful King. Enter Thee into the physical world, make thyself visible and tangible before me. In the case that Thou cannot assist to this humble call due to thy cosmic works, then I beg Thee, powerful Lord, to send me 'MADEL' and if this is not possible either, then, the Genii 'MASSAYEL', 'ASIEL', 'SATIEL', 'ARDUEL', 'ACORB', who obey Thee, can come to me.

"I know that Thou, powerful Lord of' the East, can help me in accordance with justice and mercy. Amen, Amen, Amen."

Once the invocation is finished, then the invoker will sit in the middle of the circle, meditating on the King of the East, weeping, acknowledging to be a poor sinner and repeating the prayer with his mind and heart, until the physical body becomes sleepy.

If the invoker performs this work correctly, then he will be assisted by the King of the East or by the Genii who are sent by him. One must not be afraid in the presence of these divine Beings.

When the Lord of the East or his Genii become visible, then ask whatever you wish. It is written:

"Knock and it shall be opened unto you, Ask and it shall be given you."

We must not forget, by no means, that everything will be done in accordance with the Law. Everything will be arranged for us not in the way that we want, but as the Law wants it. Thus, we must humbly incline before the verdict of the Law.

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