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The disciple must render himself daily to the practice of profound meditation. The theme of birth and death of plants is very simple as an exercise for interior meditation. The disciple must sit or lie down comfortably and stare for some moments at a plant, which he must already have for this exercise. He then closes his eyes and while preserving the image of the plant in his mind, he becomes somnolent. Once he is sleepy (somnolent), then he has to meditate on the growth of the plant, from the time when it was a little, tiny stalk, until reaching its present state.

Remember that everything which is born has to eventually die. Imagine the plant in the process of decaying, withering, dying, converting into compost. Then, the disciple must fall asleep a little more and try to see and to converse with the elemental creature of that plant.

The elemental of that plant will be seen and heard after some time of daily practice. Then, the elemental will teach his secret formulae related with the sicknesses which he knows how to cure, and the elemental will place himself at the student's service for the execution of the works in which such an elemental is an expert.

This medicinal procedure through interior profound meditation develops the disciple's own imagination. Thus, he will become an illuminated clairvoyant. He will direct his internal sight towards the most far away boundaries of the earth and will become a ruler of creation in its entirety. He will know the wisdom of each herb and thus he will unleash the tempests. He will transmute lead into gold and will make the earth tremble.

The fiery snake will make his mirror resplendent. Then, the disciple, abiding within his own cavern (his interior universe), will convert himself into a Dragon of Wisdom.

The magic of herbs allows us to unleash the waters and to make the entire universe tremble.

The Indians from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta preserve two cosmic books from very ancient times. One of them is called EL ANTA Great cosmic powers are enclosed within these two books.

When we delivered to humanity our book entitled The Perfect Matrimony, which contains the most solemn message which the White Lodge has given to humanity since the first foundations of the world, until our days were established, many passionate perverted ones, mystical and sanctimonious people emerged, who qualified us as pornographic. Such people took it personally. Thus, they cried.., and vociferated in vain.

Some decrepit old men, who were rendered null because of too much copulation, declared that sexual magic was impossible. Thus, they pleaded for that absurd sexual abstention, for the unhealthy chastity of religious people. In other words, they pleaded for the nocturnal pollutions, spermatorrhea, masturbation and decalcification, because Nature cannot be violated with impunity. The sexual laws were not made in order to be transgressed.

To despise the woman, who is truly the best that man has, the most beautiful creature which life has granted, is a work of eunuchs, a work of masturbators, a work of Sodomites. Woman converts man into an omnipotent God, who is capable of shaking the earth and unleashing lightning and tenipests in the whole universe.

The "mystics" of Theosophy, the Rosicrucian Order, and Spiritism were naming us as materialists. These offensive ones believed themselves to be super-transcendental and they forgot that nothing can exist, not even God, without the help of matter. Sex is repulsive to them, but from where are they coming from? Who enrolled them in the school of life...?

Know then that the Initiation was not made for abnormal ones. Get ye hence, you eunuchs, sodomites, physically and morally decrepit ones...! Get ye hence, you fornicating spiritualists! Get ye hence, you classroom tyrants! The Altar of the Initiation can only be approached by the true man and by the true woman.

My disciples must be intrepid, courageous, tenacious, ferrous and of a character like a steel shield, always victorious, always rebellious as the heroic creations of the illustrious Rabelais.

Each one of my Gnostic disciples is a soldier in complete battle, in a field without boundaries, without parochial limitations, without compromises from sects and from lodges.

The Gnostic army is the army of Christ. The Gnostic army is now in battle against false religions, schools and sects from the world. It is against everything black, against everything which tastes of crime and exploitation.

The paladins from the New Era emerge everywhere. We have Gnostic soldiers in the factories, in the workshops, in the ships, in the railroads, in commerce, in the banks, in industry, in the mines. In short, they are everywhere.

Now, not even one point more or one point less, whosoever is not with us is against us. We cannot tolerate more infamies and false promises from dimwitted politicians. Now we want to return into the fields of Nature in order to work. Now we want to return into the bosom of the blessed Goddess Mother of the world.

Now, we want a King, a President, a Governor: Christ, Christ, only Christ!

Woe to those mystics who detest the woman! Woe to those passionate fornicators who only see in her an instrument of pleasure! Woeful ones... It would have been good for such men if they had not been born; or it would have been better for them if a millstone were hung about their necks, and they were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Whosoever wants to reach the Altar of the Initiation has to thrust himself against his own defects, against his vices, in a battle face to face against the enemies who dwell in his own house (psyche).

Down with the chains of conventionalism! To the redeeming battle!

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