If it is required to investigate the cause of a sickness which is suspected to be the consequence of a witchcraft performed by the will of a perverse one, then, a doll with bones of a rabbit, deer, black cattle or tiger has to be carved. The bones must previously have been buried for a certain time. Thus, one must unbury them and make a doll as perfect as possible.

Build an altar with an arc in its farthest end. Utilize a branch of wild 'Totumo' (Calabash tree, Crescentia Cujete L.) for the building of the arc. A branch from a sweet Guava tree will serve for the cross of the altar. Place two flower vases and in each one of them a branch of the plant called Bougainvillea or Paper Flower (Bougainvillea glabra L.).

The sick person must personally harvest the specified branches in the following ritualistic way:

The branches from the 'Totumo' and Guava by the eastern side and the Bougainvillea by the western side.

The flower vases must be two crystal vases filled with water. A single branch of Bougainvillea cut in two pieces will serve for each one of the two flower pots.

The altar must be built under a 'Guasimo' tree (Guazuma ulmifolia Lamarck). Pronounce the mantras of the 'Guasimo' tree and beg the elemental to show the sickness of the patient in the water of the flower vases. The mantras of the 'Guasimo' tree are: MOUD MUD HAMMACA.

The Magician will remain kneeled before the altar. Then, after having made his petitions to the elemental of the 'Guasimo' tree, he wilt beseech the Angel Atan to intervene in order for the elemental to move the water and speak through the doll.

Have your sight fixed on the flower vases and observe what will appear in the water. If the sickness is due to magic from perverse wills, then the evil entities (cause of the sickness) will be seen within the water.

Beseech the Angel Atan's assistance again and try to listen to the voice which comes out from the little bone figure, that voice will be clear and precise. Talk with it, as if you were addressing a person.

The healing of the sick person will be made by the elemental of the 'Guasimo' tree. Pronounce the following healing mantras, while kneeling before the sick person:

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